About Me

hey hey hey

…a UCSD student
…a Mennonite
…a Pieces
…hella funny
…missing The Bay

I can’t live without music

I link to a lot of music. If you’re a content owner and want a song taken down, contact me and I will obey in fear of the almighty “lawsuit”.

I can’t seem to ever work on this site

I’m in love with a girl I can’t have…

…I’ve never told her.

…I probably never will.

…I’m over it….. and I found someone better!

I’m an art major who’s done surprisingly little art… but I’m getting there some artsy stuff here & there.

(on that note) I love to draw, but really suck at it I’m still learning! =D

I have wonderful friends!

I have the best best friends!

I go to the Japanese Language table each week (its mystery meat!), Fridays @ 5p @ Cafe Ventanas

I should be doing work right now…

My favorite super hero as a kid wasn’t アンパンマン (o’o'o)… it was カレーパンマン {’~’ }

I really should be doing work now…

I love web design <3

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