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DMD: Special Delivery

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Last Saturday I went to the Special Delivery exhibition in Berkeley. I really didn’t expect so many people there; I hadn’t waited in a line like that for an art show since Banksy’s Barely Legal show back in 2006!

It was worth the wait though. I took a few quick pictures, and had a good time. Shoutouts to Fernando for the awesome b-day destination.

Make sure to check it out when it reopens again later this month!

Stuck In My Head: “Guv’nor”

JJ Doom – Guv’nor

Watch the Regular Show: “Ello Gov’nor” [Part 1] [Part 2]

With all The Regular Show samples strewn about this beat, It almost seems like this was commissioned by Cartoon Network (wouldn’t be the first time for the Villain). As the first real track on DOOM’s new collab album, “JJ DOOM”, it doesn’t stray too far off his well-worn path as an idiosyncratic MC with an ear for beats. But though formulaic, Dumile’s ingenuitive rhymes still cut sharp:

Catch a throatful/From the fire vocal/Ash and molten glass like/Eyjafjallajökull
The Volcano out of Iceland/Go conquer and destroy the rap world like the white men

Along with the MC’s good showing, Jneiro Jarel’s production stands strong. With beats reminiscent of early MF & Viktor Vaughn cuts, cut alongside the spacey synths found in contemporary spacerap tracks. I’ve always liked the electronic influence that has shaped rap production from the UK; it’s definitely a bit grimier than the Electro sound that’s gotten popular on this side of the pond.

The video itself is pretty dope too, and again, very DOOM: simple, but with interestingly different expectations. Worth a watch, if only to get a good glimpse of the Villain’s profile near the end of it.

Stuck In My Head: Swimming Pools (Drank)

Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)

Rock the Bells was pretty dope. Even though I didn’t get to see Bone Thugs play E.1999 in it’s entirety. ( ´,_ゝ`)

Nonetheless, I got to see Kendrick Lamar once again, and he performed his latest track,
Though I’ve had it spinning in Spotify a while back, seeing it live has got it all in my head again.

Ironically, I haven’t drank more than a beer in one sitting for awhile now. This song makes me wanna go ‘livet up though!

If it was the first I'd ever saw the beans, I'd try to eat em too. =x

Today I Learned: About Castor Oil

Today I Learned about Castor Oil, a home remedy that my Dad & his family used a lot as a child. I took as gospel that Castor Oil was quite effective in curing illness, comparable to our modern day panacea of Aspirin. At least, Until this day.

I was listening to an old cassette where I interviewed my father for a Oral History report.
In the stories of his childhood, he’d tell me of the relative wealth his family enjoyed.
After all, he had “food on the table, and medicine for when we were sick”.

I didn’t think twice about one of the aforementioned medicines that would heal the childhood Eugene, helping him along the way to becoming the strong, proud black man that is my father. As an 8th grader still not too familiar with the socioeconomic conditions my father grew up in [[Let Alone My Own]], “Casser Oil” was something that Just Worked.

If it was the first I’d ever saw the beans, I’d try to eat em too. =x

While the beans sure are purdy, when their oil is ingested, what you’d pretty much had taken was a intestine cramping _laxative_. Definitely nothing dangerous—it’s recognized by the FDA—but also definitely not a cure-all. Honh. But—what struck me as most……odd, is the fact that Mussolini used Castor Oil as a intimidating torture device in Facist Italy.

Oh father. =D