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Magically Mundane: Rear View Mirrors


So you’re driving the speed limit on the 2 lane part of the I-5. You’re in the fast lane, passing a pack of truckers. All of a sudden, some jackass who can’t be bothered to obey the law, speeds up behind you and blasts their high-beams. What should you do?

1. Slow down even more.
2. Flick that magical switch on your rear-view mirror that makes those high-beams irrelevant.
3. Sit smug & cool, knowing the fool behind you is going bonkers.

This is dedicated to Step 2. How does the Night Vision mode of car’s rear view mirror work? Is it some kinda play with angles? A special coating or polymer? Crazy fun house mirror usage?

I don’t know (if you do, please let me know in the comments), but whatever it is, it’s some of that daily life magic.