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Dope Media of the Day: Um Jammer Lammy

Dope Media of the Day: Um Jammer Lammy

I thought his palms were sweaty…

I thought his palms were sweaty…

In addition to the DOOM, I’ve also been stuck listening on some Um Jammer Lammy tunes. The spiritual sequel to the  Parappa the Rapper{{1}}, the game that single-handedly created the “Music Game” genre, Um Jammy replaces the rapping pooch with a rockin lamb. While it doesn’t quite capture the same charm as Parappa—guitar licks aren’t as cute as funny rhymes{{2}}—the tunes are still catchy as hell. Literally.

Um Jammer Lammy OST – Taste of Teriyaki (Parappa Version)

[[1]]Parappa the Rapper 2 was eventually made , but I haven’t played it or heard the songs. I hate being a cheapass/late adopter of game systems sometimes.[[1]]

[[2]]Actually, if you perform well as Lammy, you can unlock the second part of the game where you play as Parappa who raps to remixed versions of the same songs Lammy played guitar on.[[2]]

In one level, Lammy DIES, then goes to hell{{3}}. [[3]]Of course this was censored out in the US version.[[3]] Here, she meets a lusty lounge singer who’s “talking bout a lotta fire / talkin’ bout no gettin tired” tempts Lammy by crooning that she “can think of something for me and you to do”.

Dope rhymes don't pay the bills.

Dope rhymes don't pay the bills.

Remember, this is a sequel to the game where the cutesy catch phrase was “I gotta believe!”. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: Japanese folk are crazy. Hell, remember Chop Chop Master Onion? One of the dopest characters ever made? Well, he lost his dojo and is a street bum, telling Lammy that “nobody ever talks to me no more”. That’s fuckin’ sad. Why would they do this to one of my childhood heroes?

But that’s not to say that the game is all PG-13; in other levels you help put out a fire and even babysit some babbling babies. And the game’s final song is an uplifting anthem telling ya to never give up, never cut corners and always do your best. Aww…

So if you haven’t already, take a listen to the songs, and enjoy the campy craziness that is Um Jammer Lammy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get these songs outta my head, and the casino outta my hair.


Dope Media of the Day – Food… we need food!

I’m normally not a big fan of “make something outta food” meme, but this is clever:

All of these countries are featured in Street Fighter games. COINCIDENCE!?!?!

All of these countries are featured in Street Fighter games. COINCIDENCE!?!?!

Recently, I’ve been listening to a lotta (MF) DOOM again. His unorthrodox flow and cheesy 80’s cartoons samples are like buttered onions for me. AKA Dope + Dope = Double Dope. Homeboy even made a whole album loosely-themed around another one of my favorite subjects: FOOD. Acutally, he also has 9 CDs of instrumentals where every track is named after a spice of some sort. That’s dedication.

dangerdoomghostHe’s semi-big shit with the “DUDE I’m HELLA underground” crowd these days though, ever since he’s been featured on some Adult Swim stuff. All good, I suppose. I ain’t one of those people; I still got love for the Villain. In fact, one of his tracks offa the MM..FOOD album is one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME{{1}}.

[[1]]Anagrams are also dope.[[1]]

MF DOOM – Beef Rapp

The beat is just too dope{{2}}. The flow is too gorgeous. But it’s the samples that get me. Too ridiculous.

BONUS: I need to find a reason to use this ringtone I made. Also, Meat Wrap!

[[2]]Have I said “dope” enough? Online, dope is my go to word for “cool”. IRL though, I don’t use it too much. When something is hella cool though, I say, “DOP”. Pronounced daap. I dunno why I say it like that, droppin E like I’m Mac Dre.[[2]]