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So I dunno if you can see the weather thing that I brought back after a long absence. I know I can’t (and I thought Safari was cool =(.
I guess there’s no excuse not to use firefox now.
I’ve steadily been using it more and more, mainly because of greasemonkey’s numerous uses and Tabbrowser Preferences’ Mouse-over tab-switching feature, among other things.
Its also nice to finally be relatively comfortable browsing in both PC and Mac environments for once.
What kept me hanging on is that Safari is noticably zippier than ff, and I’ve already invested a lotta time and keyboard-mind mapping into it (plus it looks prettier). ThoughSaft & SafariStand were doing a great job bringing some of ff’s cool features to the Mac’s native browser, not being able to correctly render my own page is what is commonly referred to as “the last straw”…

PS: My printer hella sucks. It runs out of color ink, which the display on it kindly reminds me of by flashing on and off consistently. This is a great and noticable reminder, but with the hella crappy side effect that I am unable to do anything at all with the thing. No printing in black. Not even scanning, which takes no ink whatsoever, is available to me. Fuckin’ reeks of HP’s schemes to screw us outta $… sigh… actually come to think of it, I bet its not even outta ink. THE BASTARDS

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