I am reading a book about love

I’m Graduating tomorrow. Its kind of surreal. I’m really glad that my family is here though. Although my brothers couldn’t make it after all, my closest kin is with me.

[need Picture]

Oh yeah, I was talking about a book!

The Staff of the Cross-Cultural Center 2006-2007

I’m reading All About Love: new visions by bell hooks. I got it as a gift from the Cross (Yes I have found religion). Thanks Nancy, Edwina, Violeta and Cat. Thanks Fatima, Noah, Chris, Joseph, Brisa, Oraneet, Heidi & Miguel. I’ve learned to live life with these people and the space. Cya soon. =}

Ridiculous Image of Captain Hook and Clip Art Bells

Ah! About the book: First of all. After doing hella research for final essays and artistic precedents, I’ve come to the realization that everything has a subtitle now. (The “All About” part reminds me of old Japanese Street Fighter 2 references like this that were the coveted books of pre-internet SF players in the states). 2nd of all, Bell Hooks!? Even the people are subtitles! Aiya, this is ridiiiiculous. But I trust. The strongest message so far has been this:

When we understand love as the will to nurture our own and another’s spiritual growth, it becomes clear that we cannot claim to love if we are hurtful and abusive. Love and abuse cannot coexist. Abuse and neglect are, by definition, the opposites of nurturance and care.

Makes sense huh.

. o O (( So, I have a lot of free time now I suppose… ))

I can read, I can think. I can communicate with friends— and I can act on my random thoughts without guilt.
…I really don’t know why, but while thinking about the sippy cup terrorist, I suddenly wanted to laugh at crying babies. Yes, yes, I know. But I’m not as bad as some people… I’m sure all of you have that one friend. You know the one. The one who wishes cancer to babies. Yes. That one. (But yes… you were intoxicated!)
Anyway, I just wanted a quick laugh of babies in dire, but silly situations.

. o O (( Someone took a picture of his wife holding a little baby. ))

Mom and her Scary Baby
This is what I want to say to them:

“Wow. Be proud!—

You, your wife and the baby have just won the Google Challengeâ„¢ for ‘Crying Babies’ !!!

Yay! =D

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