Return of the Maestro

Return of the Maestro

So I watch broadened my youtube watching from the realm of funny commercials, inspiring speeches, video tutorials and fighting game matches (in roughly that order), to include the world of StarCraft. For those of you who care nothing of Pro Gaming (in Korea E-gaming is just as valid a sport as soccer), forgive me as I geek out.

In this particular video, one of my favorite players—who is in the midst of a post-championship slump—named “Savior” (The Maestro of Zerg) is seen here in this epic 30-minute battle. For those of you who know whats up, this has a nice “Pimpest Play” and is well worth it. Those of you who don’t know your zerglings from templar, you might enjoy the highlights below with the knowledge that the main commentator is also an undying Savior fan, and is takes out his frustration with the Maestro’s recent failures by trashtalking his opponents.

(If you’re watching this match elsewhere, the YT time is ahead of gametime by 8 seconds).


“Regardless of his skilIs, and demonstrations as a player, I have very little respect for FireBatZERO”

ZERO. Hah! Yeah, FBH is no Hero in my eyes either… but I must admit its pretty funny to watch. As some would say, “Its just a game”. And to that I would reply: “And so is ___ball!; and people riot over that”


“Savior’s got a big mass group of Mutalisks… Looks likes he’s just focusing on that CC…I think he would have been better off killing lots of SCVs…”

I don’t understand pro’s latest obsessions w/ suiciding to kill CCs/Nexus/Hive, especially when the same time could have been used to kill all workers and then some (especially against repairing Terrans). But picking off the CC @ 22:14 was gold, and was the beginning of the end of the end.


“Savior KILLS THE CC! I CANNOT BELIEVE Savior has managed to kill that command center. Savior, sends in a Ninja Stealth task force to take out that expansion!”

First time I can remember (at least in a while) getting out of my chair and pumping my fist during a commentary.

Thank god for Savior. Though I’m sure he knew that it took longer than it should/could have.

Good game sense from Diggity too; nice calls on the vultures & lategame mutas


Fantasy’s got ONE Goliath. And that goliath’s going to DIE. And then the Science Vessels are going to DIE. (He managed to get a couple Irradiates off, actually, on a couple of the mutalisks. But that’s not gonna bother Savior too much).
But the goliaths are DEAD. Now the siege tanks will DIE, and then Fantasy will DIE. So byebye Fantasy; that’s the end of his fantasy”

Fuckin’ Klaz! Love this revival of the maestro much?

I love these commentaries :) Go to SC2GG for more videos, and join the great community there, whether you’re gosu or newb.

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