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Dope Media of the Day: Trunks & Paws

Genetically Co-evolved: The Elephant & The Ghetto Blaster

Genetically Co-evolved: The Elephant & The Ghetto Blaster

[pic via Brock Davis]

Progressive Rock.

King Crimson, Rush, Genesis.

These are the bands with pictures over the definition of “Pretense“, one of the worst offenses of Douchebags everywhere. I mean, I can take some proggy songs, some of the time, but when some frat boy plunks $5 into the jukebox, I pray that we aren’t in store for 80 minutes of rock opera crooning and over the top drum solos. [[1]]Although I gotta admit, you get your band for your buck with the 10 min+ songs.[[1]]

Prog Rock is one thing, but I am not ashamed to admit: Pink Floyd… is a great band. Ever since I was first enthralled by “Time”, and the rest of Dark Side of the Moon (the pinnacle of stoner rock){{1}}, The Wall (We Don’t Need No Education), both super selling mega classic rock blockbusters. [[1]]Anyone remember chillin’ out after the party, sleepin’ in the back of the truck, buzzed and cold, but happy to be among friends, underneath the starry, starry night?[[1]] Although DSotM will always be my first and favorite, my really close second is not “The Wall”, but “Animals”.

Pink Floyd’s tribute to George Orwell’s story, “Animal Farm”, this album has a short, but sweet tracklist:

  1. Pigs on the Wing, Pt. 1 (1:25)
  2. Dogs (17:08)
  3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (11:28)
  4. Sheep (10:20)
  5. Pigs on the Wing, Pt. 2 (1:25)

Songs there are few, but each of the 4 animals get over 10 minutes of haunting singing and guitar solos. Sung from the perspective of the animals, songwriters Roger Waters and David Gilmour imbue each animal with a negative trait. Waters—the mastermind behind the spiral of despair that is The Wall—wrote all of the songs except one.

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Dope Media of the Day: I <3 My Friends

It maybe a fake, but it's a cute fake.

It may be a fake, but it's a cute fake.

I have good friends, scattered across the globe: throughout Cali’s big cities, in New York, Texas, Japan, Philippines and beyond. Though I wish I could see them more often (and even though I’m really bad at keeping contact with them), when we do finally get a chance to catch up with each other, we always pick right up from where we left off. I’m not one who throws around the term “friend” loosely though. I’m definitely no socialite who hangs out in places where everybody knows my name. “Quality, not quantity” is best when it comes to friendships, as my mother always told me.

Darkel – Be My Friend

The chorus on this song gets stuck in my head every once in a while; Today is one of those days. Unlike what usually happens with solo projects, Darkel—one half of the synthpop French Duo, Air—has created a sound that is pretty much identical with the style that he creates with his peer. Be My Friend could very well be put on an Air album and no one would be the wiser. And that’s not a bad thing.

Thanks ya’ll.