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Once a week isn’t bad right? …

Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)
Erykah Badu & Common
Brown Sugar SoundTrack


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Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd!!! Cover)

Anyway, more of the same this week. Pretty boring up till Friday. Big Pat & Arash’s B-days yay! Friday we had our suite meeting at PJ’s (hella good pizza there!). Everyone was there cept Little Bitch (Anthony). Shame too, cuz I haven’t seen him in forever…

Now the weekend…

Friday night… my suitemate Ed was gonna throw a kickback here, but the RSO’s came by and warned us. They go to Warren and have it, me and my roommate J were gonna head up later. Me and J blaze, then get call from Ed to come over. We wait at Earl’s Place to get picked up… but Ed never comes. All of a sudden, like 7 RSO’s on their bikes fly by. Then a cop car skid stops, and a cop sprints out. Me and Justin are all wtf! and jokingly say, “It’s probly for Ed huh!”. Like 15 min later, we get bored and leave. As we do, we pass by a fire truck, some dude redirecting traffic, and then an ambulance. After we get home, Ed calls to pick him up. Turns out it WAS for his shit. Some dude got arrested, hella ppl went to detox, Ed gotta talk to the dean. Me and J were safe tho…

Saturday… play APSA football in the afternoon. Good game for the most part… I got 2 interception/td’s, but our offense stalled a little and we lost by 3 points… oh well, it was fun right?

Next up, go with J to his house along with Ed, then onto an “experience” with them and J’s friends Hammer and Victoria.
Tried hooka for the 1st time, not bad… Haha… lotsa fun… like being with Posse during the dayz…

Sunday… lazied around, went to library for CAT project w/ my Storm and Mike somethin’ . Found out that the project we had to do was stupid (well I guess we already knew).

Now I’m procrastinating said project and Math midterm studying. Yay…

Shoutouts to…

My parents and Mizuki!
My “bosses” & ATP!
Ed, Justin, and his crew!
Tom! (good luck man)
Adry! (its all good)
My “Sista!”
and all y’all other folk…