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Getting Things Done the doody way

Kinkless Mentalcase

I love Keanu in that flick

Yeah I tried Mental Case out and um… low blow but I think you’d have to be a “Mental Case” to seriously consider it for a storage medium. Despite what the newest Mac GTD wunderkind might say, its a little too clumsy for my tastes. It sure looks real pretty, but the entry interface is a little clunky for a simple flashcard setup. While the screen capture function is a nice touch, using it instead of copy/paste loses out on the semantic value of plain text. Sure its good for remembering a few facts or random people names, but I don’t think that the software is flexible enough for a student to use in place of flashcard memorization.

Some people in the comments suggested Studycard Studio and Mindburn. I’m skeptical, but I might give them a chance some day. Right now, I’m trying to avoid tinkering with too much mac software, and focus more on PSAI: Photoshop and (Adobe) Illustrator.

But just look at the chesire grin on the #990000 suitcase. As José would say: “It’s kind ovva kooky, kind ovva creepy!”.

What a crazy icon!

It’s Official

I’m a geek.

I use the Hipster PDA, a crappy version of GTD, and now I even have a Molskine (quad-ruled, which I replaced my old “Diary” with).

Yeah… so ever since my laptop bugged out… I’ve left the internet behind…

I guess I’ll start postin’ again, but I wanna redesign!

Oh well…

If content is king, them I’m hella trashy?