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Mixtapington Sr.

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I was just getting into the Muxtape Fluid.app too...

So I came a little late to the Muxtape party. After sleeping on it for a while–I figured I had enough new music with all the mp3 blogs–I got around to trying it out, and instantly fell in love with its simplicity. But though I listened to a quite a few tapes, I never got around to making one of my own.

Well that changes now.

Thanks to OpenTape, which allows you to host your own Muxtape, I’ve finally created my own online mix. The whole thing runs at about 1hour & 18 minutes, so one could download and burn it if they so choose. With the exception of aforementioned MP3 links, OpenTape looks and works almost identically to the Muxtape of yore.

As always, my mixes are a slice of my current music listening pie, and are highly personalized/eclectic. Inside, you’ll find “Golpe De Estado” (aka Coup d’etat), an all Spanish rap from Immortal Technique’s 3rd World Order. Damn I wanna see this one live! (Tech is fuckin’ bomb when he performs). There are also a few hipstery-tracks from Adult Swim’s . You might recognize Osborne’s “Wait a Minute” from some of the late night bumps that show up during the best 4 hours on tv. Finally, there’s also some piano renditions of a few epic Super Mario Galaxy themes. I got these from a few users on YouTube, where there’s a whole scene of piano players covering and sheeting video game music. They’ve all inspired me to dust off those old Chrono Trigger sheets I printed out a year ago and start workin’ those digits!

Speaking of YouTube…

OpenTape isn’t the only service that carries on the spirit of the Mux. Like its open-source cousin, MixTube also tries to duplicate the mixtape interface of the original, but instead of uploading MP3s, MixTube uses YouTube videos as the source for the tracks. It’s a little clunky, but it works. I just recently got into the whole YouTube music video scene (I lagged mainly because the audio was crappy, but that’s changed since the “High Quality” option came about), and made a couple of Nintendo themed mixes. Check it out before it’s shutdown.

So while MuxTube may have been cut down by the IP hoodlums,just like the mythical Hydra, twice as many heads pop up to replace it. When will they learn?

Who knows, but as Justin Ouellette, the creator of MuxTape states, “The industry will catch up some day, it pretty much has to.”

Long Live the MixTape!

PS: For some unknown reason, some of the tracks’ total times are messed up. Weird.