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Times Change

So I ended up getting Mario Kart Wii or whatever.
I picked it up, picked up a DS, put that down, then put Kart back.

Almost walked outta the store; then I re-picked Kart.

Charge it, done deal.

Came home and misplaced it.

I didn’t even try to play it.

Are my days as a Gamer done?

I dunno. I just wanna say that I didn’t care cuz I heard that MKwii was shit and that cycles ruined the game buuuuut…

I played it.

Jump powerslides are reminiscent of OG SNES MK (enough acronymns for ya?), or at least so I believe. I haven’t figured out the boost system for MKwii yet… right now it seems that you simply “charge up” a speed boost, but I doubt that’s all there is to it. There’s depth to this game; it should not be slept on. Fuck. I gotta take this game seriously! No looking for contacts, kill the monks!

We’ll see.

But really though?

Its crazy that I said “We’ll see.”

I never would have said that before. Game woulda been analyzed harder and faster than any magazine reviewer. Back in the day, I was a gamer. I didn’t need no review or strategy guide to tell me how to play a game. Sadly, this was Ninja Gaiden that we were talking about, so beatdowns were given without any mercy. I woulda beat that bird through shear tenacity. Sadly, the bird wasn’t even a part of the equation