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The Radi, Radi-o. oh. T-T-Totally Sucks Dude. Drop it.

The Radi, Radi-o. oh. T-T-Totally Sucks Dude. Drop it.

So a few days back, Shannon answered a question that had kinda been on my mind during the last few weeks of spring quarter:

“What are they saying in that song!?”

Explosion as R&R devil horns

For those of you who don’t know, its “T T Totally Dude!”.
If you didn’t understand that, then chances are, you probably already know the hook—as well as the rest of the song by heart.

The explosion-as-devilhorns-sign and the very end made me get spit all over my aging Powerbook G4 (ooh shiny Macbook Pros). Then yesterday, Shannon told me about the newest song from the 1 2-Hit Wonder, Shop Boyz:

Bill & Ted + Totally Dude + lolcat =

Damn. Just had to rub it in huh? And you want us to pay you for this stuff music industry?! I don’t wanna sound all old-fogey-ish… music in general has never been better imo, but radio is a cesspool. With stuff like pandora, last.fm, and the hype machine, I won’t look back when the current business model collapses, despite the RIAA’s last gasps.

Anyway, sorry for the crap. I’ve been real bitter as of late at myself and my world in general, for having shit like this, “Pop Lock & Drop It” & “ella, ella, ey! ey! ey!” stuck in my head more than 1/2 the time I’m awake.

Here’s some real music:

John Mayer – Kid A (Radiohead Cover)

Though I was definitely part of the right college radio generation, I never got into the whole John Mayer (or SD’s response, Jason Mraz) thing. But Radiohead was “my band” back in the days of the FHP (FumeHood Posse)—which, btw, is way better than OBG (no comment)—and continued to be my “college band” throughout my UCSD days. Long story short: Kid A is my favoritist song ever (LIVE!!!), and Mayer does a nice acoustic of it.

I also picked up this gem from the del.icio.us mp3 page.

We Got Our Own Thing – J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.
(via: The White Noise Revisited)

This one’s for Clockw0rk. Funky-house beats that you love, with the old-school rap rhymes that no one can deny… don’t sleep on that via: link though, as I go through it with Peel, I find a lotta gems (YA mp3 blog I gotta check up on).

PS: I’ve been listening to a lot of “The Eraser” recently… shoulda got it last Summer back in Switzerland. And Random Google Researchâ„¢ for the post: Remember this? I vaguely, vaguely do, but the game and cartoon are remembered more readily… Thanks Nintendo Power!

Do you know me?

because if you do, then you definately know that I have a limited vocabulary at times. I dunno, somehow the eloquence that I can sometimes acheive during my writings have been denied their verbal form.

“Anyway,” “definately”, “yeah yeah”, and my catch-all response, “That’s crazy.”.

Which leads me to my next point (as well as to my next post, and the next, and the next).
Anyways, forgive me once again.
I guess you could say I’ve beenliving my life “one day at a time”.

I think only a few people have the above excuse.

Those who are fuckin’ down & out. Those who lived before us, back when you had to use your own 2 feet to get around. Those who have no quarter, no roof, no property. The persecuted innocent.

I’m just a quote-un-quote military brat (not really)

Then there are those who have just turned 21…

Anyway, I have ideas for the new layout.

Grayscale Clouds Round Simple Kanji OKAY YEAH!
These words describe it, yes they do.

Once again, you can thank this Shocking New Development in Terry’s life to Clockw0rk.

Or more specifically, my good friends procrastination and the bowlings.

My new mantra: “Get your act together.”

So… on a more popular note,

Who’s keeping up with Bleach, Naruto and Samurai Champloo?

I’m up-to-date when it comes to Naruto. I’m liking where the manga and the anime are going. Though the anime’s filler sidequest was kinda stupid, I didn’t trip cuz I had other shit to worry about.

(I feel sorry for those Naruto addicts (and believe me, Naruto is a drug) who have nothing else to endulge themselves into. Luckily, I also am into Bleach. I’m around ep. 4 on the anime (I totally think Chad fucking kicks everyone’s ass. I’m curious as to his depiction the the intro though… he looks hella hollow…….. I’m also catching up on the Manga (somewhere in Vol. 4). I’m likin’ it. It’s about a dude who’s in touch with the spiritual world and is helluva tough. One day, he receives the power of Death (skeleton+black robe entity). Interesting.

Anyway, I’m getting tired and I have hella work to do.

Jah matta.

P.S. I need to connect with people. Today Kaia introduced me to Alicia White, and we 3 talked about the state of things. Anyway, the return is complete, and the away message is gone. I announce my return to AIM to noone in particular, cy’all there. Oh. And I guess there won’t be riots in the streets. Americans don’t give a fuck anymore and will not rise up against an unfit king. You know ‘the fuck I’m talkin bout.

P.P.S. Where the fuck’s Gaara?

Street Fighter Alpha 3 for GBA

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this game at Sam’s Club. Only set me back $13.95… hence the impulse buy. Normally, I wouldn’t have touched the thing, because as I have experienced through Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (fucking Capcom… and their names), playing a six button game with 4 buttons is pretty crappy indeed (not to mention the literal game-BREAKING glitches). To my amazement though, SFA3 is a solid cart.

I gotta give props to Crawfish, who are responsible for this GBA port. All of the original Alpha 3 fighters are in here, complete with DJ, Fei Long and the others from the console ports. New to the scene are Yun, Maki & Eagle, taken from CvS2, bringing the total fighters to 36 (and Shin Akuma/Bison). With all of their moves left intact, the gameplay is pretty much identical to the home versions…

On the subject of the newest characters, Yun’s palmstrike and Eagles “batter-up” move don’t negate/reflect projectiles (but Yun’s move is now hella fast, even comboable). His shoulder move and lv.3 super launchers can be flipped out of (mk one can still be jumpcancelled), making them pretty stupid, and x-ism worthless. On the plus side, they all also have hella priority on their moves.

There are a few other differences between this version and the home ports. For one, there’s no world tour mode. Ism+’s are earned through the Final Battle mode instead. There are only like 3 or 4 stages and songs, and a lot of the voices are gone (most missed is the announcer’s voice No more FACE IT STRAIGHT to signify the beginning of a match. Hell there’s not even a round 1 or 2, FIGHT, making it easy to get your ass kicked if you don’t pay attention). Some of the AI has been improved though (fucking Jun/Juli are sooooo fucking cheap since they can block now) Also, though this version professes to be an Upper port, it clearly isn’t (ie. DJ still kicks everyone’s top tier ass).

Like I said before though, this is a pretty amazing port. I highly suggest it if you had any interest in SFA3 at all, or want a solid pocket fighter. It won’t replace your console/arcade version, but it does its does its job of being playable & fun. Though the controls aren’t great, they’re way better than in Revival (you don’t need to press L+A at the EXACT same time) and as a bonus, you won’t render your cart useless if you beat the game like some other capcom gba fighter.


GBA Flash Carts

Heh, I wanna know what happened to his preaching career.

Something cool’s happened to Vacaville. We now have a 24hr Fast Food Joint! Tho it may be McD (ehhhhhhhh), now the bored teens and YAs of vtown actually have something to do past 11p (even tho its only getting fries).

Anyway, my intern-sister Susie Parras gave me a ring today. She was wondering if she was gonna see me around pre-training, as well as how I was doing and all that mess. Heh… it sounds stupid but I really miss her. She’s pretty much the person I’ve gotten closest to during my stint at OASIS, even though most all we do is fake argue/fight, and when we do sit down and have conversations with each other, its normally complete nonsense. I miss my never-there-bro too. He’s such a kind person, and his voice gives me a “everything’s gonna be ok” kinda aura.

It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure most every bridger/OASISer has similar feelings about their peers. Or maybe its just called friendship.

Anyway, about that cheesy site I linked to. I dropped 300 on a (wait I already talked about this). Anyway, I have to fax them my ID so the order can go through. Even though Imma need a PC to get this shit started, hopefully it’ll be worth it. It’ll be my first big purchase since the clearing out of my goodies, so it had BETTER be good.

Here at home, I feel hella unproductive. Hell, the most productive thing I do on most days is work on this website, which no one can see anyway. In abscence of writing in a journal, I blog. Fair enough. But anyway, yeah. All I do is sit at home and rot. Tomorrow I supposed to chill with the Fume Hood Posse of yore, namely, Dan “The MAN” Laury, Bryan “Napalm” Tracy, and perhaps the other 2 members. I should also contact Kyle “Super Wafter” Masterson, John “Baby D” Tice, Jason “Doctor Claw” Tjalsma and call Ryan “Ah Lyon Ah” Lee and tell him about the startling McD and Mase developments.

I’m watching late night BET, and there’s this vid called “White Girls” (to the tune of White Lines). Its like a Girls Gone Wild wanna be, stupid stupid stupid. Its funny though. Mighty Casey. Now its an equally stupid video, “Flap Your Wings” by Nelly fucking get your eagle on? c’mon… (And I can’t even enjoy the hot girls b/c I don’t wanna look at hot girls right now. I WANT a hot girl right now (aha.) And I’ve noticed hella ppl ripping lines from the Bluborious F.A.T. everyone from Fat Joe (that’s ok, they’re bluborious breathren) to nelly to Lil’ Jon, to anyone.

Well… this post was supposed to be hella short cuz I’m trying to go to sleep before the sun starts coming up. Time to pop some pills and drink a tall glass… ITS BECAUSE OF MY TOOTHACHE, I’M SERIOUS! (DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO MILKBOX YOU!!!)

Oh yeah I gotta check out a song called 16 by ____, some bay/sac group. It uses the fucking Imperial March as a beat. To quote the SFA3 announcer, “THAT’S ENOUGH, UNBEATABLE!!!”

Gone But Not Forgotten

Brown Equals Terrorist

I think on my last blog project (the MovableType one that no one got to see), I had a few posts about how I hated America. This only adds to it.
Man… thinking about the way my country of origin has been acting recently is really depressing. I’m sure that the original founders of this great and free land are rolling in their graves, and not because of the right to view porn on the net.
I’m all for protecting our country against terrorism, but at what cost? (hahaha cliches). The Patriot Act is so fucking WRONG and UNJUST that it’s not even funny.

Kinda OT but…
“But at least we can fly safely now right?”

Well… I listened to this one speech from some guy (search boingboing for homeland security and planes and such), but anyway, this guy basically said that all the $$$ we’re spending on protecting our airways is pretty much a big waste. For example, say we’re in the olden days of castles and kings. The King would be downright stupid if he thinks that he can protect his kingdom by making the strongest gate and drawbridge ever, while leaving the backdoor unprotected and wide open.
The next terrorist attack isn’t gonna be some plane hijacking, they’re gonna do something else, something completely different, something we’ve overlooked.

Like I said before, the “American Way” is going down, one way or another. Hopefully, we will make the change ourselves.

Homeland Security is just doing everything wrong. There are people out there who can help correct this, hopefully those in the position to make these changes can understand this and seek said people out.