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Mystery of the MARK OF THE TRIAD solved!

When I first came to SD, I was hella trippin’ out cuz all these ppl had THE MARK OF THE TRIAD on their shoulders. wtf? are all these fools aliens/infected/wtf?

I asked, and they said it was some shot or something… I never got this crazy ass death-shot. I figured it was some military-SD-complex-shenanigans-foretrade.

Now I know.

PS: Search google images for “vaccination” or “immunization”. Some crazy ass pics.

The Radi, Radi-o. oh. T-T-Totally Sucks Dude. Drop it.

The Radi, Radi-o. oh. T-T-Totally Sucks Dude. Drop it.

So a few days back, Shannon answered a question that had kinda been on my mind during the last few weeks of spring quarter:

“What are they saying in that song!?”

Explosion as R&R devil horns

For those of you who don’t know, its “T T Totally Dude!”.
If you didn’t understand that, then chances are, you probably already know the hook—as well as the rest of the song by heart.

The explosion-as-devilhorns-sign and the very end made me get spit all over my aging Powerbook G4 (ooh shiny Macbook Pros). Then yesterday, Shannon told me about the newest song from the 1 2-Hit Wonder, Shop Boyz:

Bill & Ted + Totally Dude + lolcat =

Damn. Just had to rub it in huh? And you want us to pay you for this stuff music industry?! I don’t wanna sound all old-fogey-ish… music in general has never been better imo, but radio is a cesspool. With stuff like pandora, last.fm, and the hype machine, I won’t look back when the current business model collapses, despite the RIAA’s last gasps.

Anyway, sorry for the crap. I’ve been real bitter as of late at myself and my world in general, for having shit like this, “Pop Lock & Drop It” & “ella, ella, ey! ey! ey!” stuck in my head more than 1/2 the time I’m awake.

Here’s some real music:

John Mayer – Kid A (Radiohead Cover)

Though I was definitely part of the right college radio generation, I never got into the whole John Mayer (or SD’s response, Jason Mraz) thing. But Radiohead was “my band” back in the days of the FHP (FumeHood Posse)—which, btw, is way better than OBG (no comment)—and continued to be my “college band” throughout my UCSD days. Long story short: Kid A is my favoritist song ever (LIVE!!!), and Mayer does a nice acoustic of it.

I also picked up this gem from the del.icio.us mp3 page.

We Got Our Own Thing – J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.
(via: The White Noise Revisited)

This one’s for Clockw0rk. Funky-house beats that you love, with the old-school rap rhymes that no one can deny… don’t sleep on that via: link though, as I go through it with Peel, I find a lotta gems (YA mp3 blog I gotta check up on).

PS: I’ve been listening to a lot of “The Eraser” recently… shoulda got it last Summer back in Switzerland. And Random Google Researchâ„¢ for the post: Remember this? I vaguely, vaguely do, but the game and cartoon are remembered more readily… Thanks Nintendo Power!