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Beat Illuminations

Thought: I heard a heart beat .


and another bellowed even lower.

Boom, bom bom BOM.

Through the floor. I was trippin’ cuz I didn’t know where it was coming from. It was just the beat of the music.


I jammed and danced.

The heartbeat ended. Sounds resound, headtrip.

Erykah Badu – I Want You

By far one of my favorite songs of 2003, from the ever soulful Erykah “BecAuse i DU”. Remember “Back in the Day”, Miss Kaia… When we would? …I miss you big sis!

Both tracks are from “Worldwide Underground” One of my favorite “Get your ass UP” albums.


Chanting and Circular Reasoning

wow… I was just thinking about how different people think and see the world differently. I’ve been thinking that I’ve been liking a lot of chants, and tribal beats recently (my newest is OOIOO’s – Uma), and how some cultures do not think linearly per se, but in cyclically, or in cycles (IE “History repeats itself”)

and what do we talk about today in class? Western culture and thought processes.