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LastSong: Thin Line – J5
NowSong: Claire de lune – Debussy
NextSong: No Quarter – Tool

Its been awhile, but I’ve been busy…

Finals are over, everyone’s gone home (I’m going tommorow).
I forget all I did this past week, but it was all cool… kinda.

That Thursday/Friday was fun @ work…
Thursday was the gift exchange over at Jan’s place. It was pretty cool, but I forgot who I was supposed to give my gift to! (sorry Barbara!) I got a Tower gift certificate from Thomas, I gotta go use that soon. Brown Elephant gifts were the best though… Susie was naughty with the condom/mouthwash, Vejea got caught with a bag of cheetos, also, a box of lint, pooperscooper+trash, THE MAN (!!!), and others. I ended up with some tight ass almond chocalate clusters… damn they were good.

Friday was the ATP Office staff lunch… had some hella good food at Yokozuna’s (cleaned the plate!). It was cool…but…
Right afterwards, I went to an OASIS advisory board meeting… with MORE food… I had to eat it… but I was SOOOO full…

Oh yeah… StrongBad and SongWars with Adry

Saturday… Final hell begins. Everyone starts studying… I did some Cogs/Math review, but nothing too hardc0re. SongWars continue and Clockw0rk sucks

Sunday… Let the studying begin… otherwise same as Sat. except I stayed up waaaaaay later than I shoulda

Monday… Finals begin… Cogs is an easy hour, then I go to study for Math… which later procedes to punch me. At least I didn’t get raped…

Tuesday… Finals continue… Cat is stupid and long, but easy. I then work. Plans for celebration are made.

Wednesday… Celebration with Adry and Christina.

Thursday… wake up and go to work. Work all day (“If these walls could speak… they’d bleed” kinda work), then hell, why not celebrate some more? Justin shows me and Adry what’s up. Let the paranoia begin…

Friday… work again, this time, data entry and word unscrambling type of work. No one tells me whassup so I stay home and do nothing.

Saturday… oh that’s today. Do nothing, clean house, pack, dl/listen music. w0rd. Hopefully I won’t be doing this at home (unlikely).

…Regarding the songs… Should I agree with Nelly? Or the Jurassic ones? And. Should I start playing again? And. I like Tool.

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