So I’ve been back home in SD for awhile now. Almost a week? It’s been pretty cool, all I do is go to work, chill there, come back home (or pick up Adry) and chill. Not much else. One tight thing is that we got a new big ass bong that’s a lot better and bigger than our old one. Its nice takin hits from that, passin it, then hittin your own personal joint… One thing tho. My room is hella small. I brought in my desk from home, the large wooden one. Between that and my futon, 60% of the room is taken. So yeah, after work today (which is where I’m at now), imma go with adry to pick up a smaller desk at IKEA, some paint for the walls, and maybe some other cool stuff (I already picked up a rug from there). Later on, imma get a small couch and shelves and drawers and shit. Gonna be a little cramped, but I think it’ll be aight in the end.

IKEA is a tight ass store. The way its set up and everything is really unique. For those of you who’ve never been, lemme break it down. Its basically a huge ass furniture store. What makes it cool is that instead of having all the furniture just “out there” on display, IKEA instead opts to use a lotta mini showrooms to display the stuff in situ. Okay, so its not that cool, but I just went there for my first time the other day and its pretty amazing. Oh and the fact that it has a fucking restaraunt is pretty insane as well.

Work ain’t bad either. All I do is file, alphabetize, file, file, make posters and alphabetize then file. Normally, I woulda quit a job like this hella quick, but since this job is at OASIS and I’m interning for Bridge, its been tight. Cuz basically, I do all that boring stuff like 50% of the time. The other half is all talking chillin etc with my co-workers. And even when we do work, we’re still talkin and listenin to music so its all good. Can’t wait till bridge tho, that’ll be a trip.

So yeah. I’m typin this up in the Center Hall mac lab cuz I still haven’t hooked up my comp. And I gotta go, time to clock out.


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