John Mayer, PIW & Me

John Mayer, PIW & Me

I heard bout the Mayer scandal awhile back, but didn’t bother talking about it till my friend mentioned it on facebook. And even then, I kinda felt like addressing it would be waste of time… I felt like I’ve been down this road before

J Smooth lays it down—word for word—as to why I stopped REACTing to this kinda stuff. Man, I been slippin on illdoctrine for awhile now… gotta re-up. You should too.

PS: PIW = Possessive Investment in Whiteness. Check it.

PPS: Dunno if it’s a stunt, but illdoctrine (AND rappersiknow. WTF) is dead. I dunno, I’ve been immune to dumb ass “We Are/Heal the World” remakes since the last one. Long live Nildoctrine?

PPPS: Kinda unfair, and perhaps I shouldn’t bring this up but, I can’t help to wonder: Why wasn’t there a We Are the World for the South Asia disasters awhile back? (And everything else shitty that happens). So much for the internet making us a global community. “We” still cater to the neighbors… Ok, I’m done.

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