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The Boredom & Beauty of Interstate 5

I really really hate making that long trip from San Diego to Vacaville (and back) all by myself. Especially when I don’t bother to burn a few CDs to listen to on the 8 hour+ drive. Yeah, I have tons of old mixes that are TOO GOOD, but I’ve heard it all before. I’ve gotten used to making the trip without any natural supplements now too. They may make the drive smoother, but its such a waste! Ah procrastination… you slay me once again.

Another thing that really sucks are the stinky parts of the stretch that fills the car with Eau de Cow Poop… YUK. (Hint: blast the AC and put it on recycle BEFORE you hit those patches. Drive “The Five” (as SoCal’rs say) enough times and you’ll know develop a sense of where they are. Oh, and breathe through your mouth).

For speeders: The cops. Such a long drive and so few blue&reds, it gives you a sense of false security. Sure you can speed through 80% of the trip at 90+, but that one time you get caught is enough to make it all not worth it. And besides, think of the gas! Luckily, I’ve never been caught (on I-5 at least), but I’ve had a few close calls. Nevertheless, on every trip I try to push my car to the limit (around 110 mph) at least once, for good measure.

For non-speeders: Those damned speeders think they own the road! Honkin’ their horns, blarin’ their lights. Damn! Calm the fuck down! I fall into this category these days, mostly cuz of gas prices. But man… I sure miss making it home in 6 hours (or less!).

For both: Trucks. Damn they’re slow. And don’t you hate it when a truck attempts to pass another? Seriously, what’s the point of that!?

And of course: LA Traffic. This is gotta be the worst part of the drive by far. Get a bad lot, and you can add another 2 to 4 hours to your trip. In the smog. Normally I schedule my trips around rush hour, but with LA, you just never know. Man LA sucks.

But there is one thing that I do enjoy about the drive:

[quicktime width=”640″ height=”480″]../../videos/beauty_of_5.mov[/quicktime]

Moments like this make me take a deep breath and remember that I’m happy with my life. I’ve always wanted to be a passenger and work on my light/dark drawing skills with the hills— aka the other reason Cali is known as the “Golden State”. The hills, the sky… so beautiful when there’s nothing else around to spoil the view (cept for the damned infinite stretch of pavement, but I’ll take what I can get). Though I’m all for beautiful lush foliage and greenery, growing up in a valley surrounded by these golden brown mounds has led me to appreciate and respect the beauty of the seasonal cycle.

The song in the background is Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence“, from the movie of the same name. Chances are you’ve heard this beautiful song from somewhere, but don’t know where; The somewhat mystical, somewhat haunting melody has been used in many an ad/trailer I’m sure. I’d do the research, but I should be doing homework now anyways, so that will have to wait.

Anyway, this has been a favorite song of mine ever since I was a kid. I’m sure I must have seen the movie when I was little, as it deals with East/West relations in a Japanese POW camp, but I can’t remember it at all–only the song remains. Though it stands by itself fine enough, I’m a sucker for context, so I’ll have to watch the film. I hear its pretty good though, so if you have any interest in Japan’s relationship with the western world, you should take some time to watch.

On every trip, I usually have at least one of these moments, where music, mood and scene come together perfectly and gives me a sense of peace and calm. Though I would still prefer having a passenger, I know that I would probably miss these moments if I had someone to talk to. Then again, who knows. Maybe these moments are meant to be shared with a special someone…

PS: Please forgive the shaky crapiness of the video. I was driving! (!) …UH I MEAN…

Random Boredom

So this post is really random. I not really in the mindset to speak my mind and life but ya know, I’m bored.

I should update this more often because the more I update, the more ppl’ll actually read this, and the more incentive it’ll give me to update.
I guess its nature to want to have ppl read what you write, to feel like your everyday life has some meaning behind it. That’s why blogger and the like is so popular. “Reality Reading” I guess.

Anyway, when it comes to music, I’ve been hooked on ‘kast (Aquemini mainly) and Jay-Z (Blueprint). Outkast is just fucking tight. I just rediscovered that lp and been blastin it for like 3 weeks now. Return of the G, Skew It On The Bar-B I should just list the songs I’m NOT fond of: Mamacita (the chorus is too annoying as fuck), yeah that’s about it. If you wanna check it, get The Art of Storytellin’ (1 or 2), or SpottieOttieDopaliscious.

Jay-Z. I never really heard him and I was all prejudice against him cuz of Nas and shit (& the shit that I did hear wasn’t that good). But on the way up to the retreat (more bout that lates), Arash was bumpin’ em and I was took in. If you wanna check it, get: The Ruler’s Back, Takeover, U Don’t Know or Heart of the City (or Song Cry if you want slow shit). But yeah. Takeover aka the Nas diss… DAYAMN that was good. Ether was better but yeah I felt that.

If you’re into Reggae and THAT scene, check Pato Banton-My Opinion. VERY Trippy. And you can’t go wrong with Radiohead-Knives Out

So what have I been up to these past 2 weeks? More of the same. Work, chill, sleep. But since bridge is comin up (THIS WEEKEND WTF) work’s been busy. Last Weds, we kicked it all off with CPR and 1st Aid training. So yeah, if you’re ever chokin around me or something, I know what to do. Laugh like crazy The next day we (office staff and ATCs) went to Julian (nice mountainous naturey area) for a retreat full of big ass houses, pies, bonding (like a bigass suitemeeting), and non-sleeping. The place we stayed at was basically a fucking huge ass lodge/house kinda thing (held us 29 ppls comfortably) with turkies in the back. It was real tight, cuz its like I gained 20 some good friends overnight. After that, its just been preparing for bridge. OASIS is all busy with us, MSTP, SMP, CI and everyone else up there training, preparing, chillin, etc.

When it comes to chillin’, I’ve been doing more of the same. Been spendin time with J, Ed, Ashley just chillin at home; every once in awhile, Derrick, DJ (Ashley’s bro) or Juan’ll come up and we’ll all chill. One time, Derrick, his cuz, Ryan & Larry came and we had a nice lil’ time (see previous post). Too bad I passed out kinda early tho haha!

I’ve also been tryin to chill with Adry here and there; everytime we do we have a GREAT time. I guess abscence does make the heart grow fonder… even still, it sucks that we can’t even spend a single, full day together. Fuck all that curfew shit. Its like she’s in lockdown or something…

Oh yeah, I’m almost finished with my room now. Well, not really, but at least I got a desk and my comp set up. I got most of my shit moved in and situated now, but I still need to get some drawers and a couch. And no, my room is NOT big enough to hold a couch comfortably, but nevertheless I’m still getting one. I’m still not really happy with it, but oh well I can deal.

So yeah that’s about it. I should update more often, but I don’t cuz like my room, I’m not really comfortable with this site yet. Oh well. Imma get a new comp (Powermac G5!!!) and I’ll start fixin this shit up… like I keep on saying.

If any of you all read this, hit me up sometime, I like fraternizing with my friends. Lates.

Wondering If She Likes Me

NowCD: Phrenology – The Roots

So yeah I musta been crazy or something last time. Pretty stupid or something eh?

ANYway, I’m back home in Vacaville now…

Last Sunday
Flew home. Yup. That’s about it.

Nothin’. Yup. That’s about it.

Went shoppin’ and bought 56 (!) CD’s… NaS – God’s Son, SOAD – Steal This Album, the above cd, Queens Of The Stone Age – Songs For The Deaf, Snoop Dogg – Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$, and Nirvana’s Hits one. Oh yeah, I also got Uniracers… an old school Super Nintendo game. Pretty fun. Those 50 other cds? Blank ones.
Boredom Hell creeps up… Yup. That’s about it.

Boredom Hell Day #1
Yeah… that + paranoia sucks. If it were Wednesday today, I’d be going over the same stupid things as always (people I know, etc. etc.) but it’s not, so I won’t. YAY! Besides, other people got it much worse…

Boredom Hel— nevermind.
I’ve lost the paranoia (for now haha) so I’ve only been a little bored. I bought some good cds! haha! So yeah… Secret of Mana is good too!

So how’s YOUR life goin’ on?