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Obligatory Post

So… I’ve left the site in the dust again.

I’ve been rather busy. I was gonna reboot, but fate had its way with me.

Anyway, nothing’s new. I just feel more ‘emo’ than ever. Which is another reason I haven’t been posting. I don’t wanna whine about my so-called “despair” (yeah… some people call it that), my privaleged life is just fine thank you very much.

No love from anyone, even my GF (powerbook). I hate lower ram slot failure (see sidebar). And my Dragons (500gb external HD) is coughing up its organs… how am I gonna back up over a 100 gigs of music. Let alone a 100 gigs of video. And then the 100 gigs of random other stuff. *SIGH*

I’ve been listening to the Akira soundtrack a lot recently… here you go. At one point I was listening to the chants non-stop the whole day.

Now though, its this song from Champloo. Just what I need.
I haven’t played my favorite Silent Hill song yet… I wrote it on my arm to remind me… but I don’t hafta play it quite yet.


I need to go bowling.

EDIT: I dunno why the 2nd Akira song (Kaneda) sounds all crazy in the mini-player… it works if you just click the link.  Makes for some interesting ambiance though.


Don’t you hate it when you wanna go out

but all your friends are losers and are being home-bodies?

and when you say “all”, you only mean like 2-3 people?

At least I have them.

I went to Japanese Language Table again yesterday. It was really cool. I met Shinya, a cool dude who likes the inaka, Eric, a non-UCSD student who only comes for the table, Daniel, a potential mex dude lookin to get a head start on JAPN10A, Hank & Kyle, s’more ppls interested in the language.

Also there were Andrew from HILD class, Eliza from American Pie, Fabianne from Japanese, and also James from japanese, who I went to the pub with, along with Aiko (US Pie as well) and Old Guy Tim (supposedly the guy who started the food co-op (!) ). I then met Ai & Kotaro there.

This was a list of people. Hopefully, I can gain some more friends. Cool people tend to make that happen, so yay.
Oh yeah, and it was a little awkward maybe. I felt some tension at first, but things seemed to settle down after a while. I was aloof. I dunno. I suppose “fate is for the lazy”.

(btw, you gotta watch the movie, “Saving Face”… if you do, then the previous quote is what I said BEFORE watching the movie… I’m hella wise). Anyway, I know what they say.. I know what you say.. but hopefully all that matters is what I say…

btw, I really love puma jackets. Man… I gotta buy some hair picks so I can wear my favorite outfit of all time with my newest one.

Regarding jackets… I no longer have anything to prove regarding cold. I’m cooler than that now.

Fly me to the moon…

I wonder if when I look back on posts such as these, will the memories still be there for me to decipher?

I just remembered that no, they won’t be. Oh well… at least I’m in a reasonably good mood. Nothin like last quarter.

Now Song: “Ave Maria” (watchin bebop)… oh beauty…

pings, tiffs, pegs, browsers & printers

So I dunno if you can see the weather thing that I brought back after a long absence. I know I can’t (and I thought Safari was cool =(.
I guess there’s no excuse not to use firefox now.
I’ve steadily been using it more and more, mainly because of greasemonkey’s numerous uses and Tabbrowser Preferences’ Mouse-over tab-switching feature, among other things.
Its also nice to finally be relatively comfortable browsing in both PC and Mac environments for once.
What kept me hanging on is that Safari is noticably zippier than ff, and I’ve already invested a lotta time and keyboard-mind mapping into it (plus it looks prettier). ThoughSaft & SafariStand were doing a great job bringing some of ff’s cool features to the Mac’s native browser, not being able to correctly render my own page is what is commonly referred to as “the last straw”…

PS: My printer hella sucks. It runs out of color ink, which the display on it kindly reminds me of by flashing on and off consistently. This is a great and noticable reminder, but with the hella crappy side effect that I am unable to do anything at all with the thing. No printing in black. Not even scanning, which takes no ink whatsoever, is available to me. Fuckin’ reeks of HP’s schemes to screw us outta $… sigh… actually come to think of it, I bet its not even outta ink. THE BASTARDS