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YOU know what part 2 was all about…

Valentine’s Day… So I had my 1st Valentine’s Day where it actually meant something yesterday (2 days… whatever).

OMG it was soooooooooo fucking tight.

So. 1st thing… on the night of the 13th, while I’m at OVT… she apparently busts in and leaves me hella balloons and shit (the balloons hella popped all over the place, by the time I finished seeing the surprize only 4 of 13 were left…) A box of Krispy Kremes too! …or so I thought. Inside I get a note sayin’ “Fooled ya! Haha… no donuts! Happy Valentine’s Day Part 1 I Love You!”



So yeah… come the 14th… She’s bein all hush-hush. Everyone around me sayin’ “OMG you’re gonna have hella fun and shit!” (I say ‘and shit’ a lot don’t I?)

(oh yeah… Ed gave me a present too! He’s the sweetest! ^____^ )

But yeah… so she tells me to be ready by 7… I go and visit her around 5 or so… see this huge ass box which she says is my gift for later… then she kicks me the fuck out at 6 and tells me to get ready. I say I’m hella hungry tho, but she says “naw f that s cuz what we gonna do is gonna make you throw that shit up” (not verbatim as you probly know).

But yeah… so I go to OVT… almost eat something but decide against it and just buy a Squirt.

So 7 comes, imma meet her halfway to help with the huge ass box. I’m eatin the chocolate Dove Bar and drinkin the squirt… she’s all dressed nice… not like fancy nice… but social nice… you know. Fuckin’ carrying the huge ass box.

So we get home, and I open the box… of course it’s like those bigass boxes filled with newspaper and the real shit is at the bottom. Hahaha…

But yeah… we’re in a rush so I try to open this shit fast.

I get a nice ass Hollister shirt… fuck man its tight.
I got another necklace cuz the last one broke… god damnit Adry…
The dopest card ever…


Run to OVT parking lot… the cabbie’s bout to leave and yells at us to hurry up.

So we get there, she tells me “close your ears!”

Gives the dude (Muhammad… ) directions to whereever…

We get in.

She tells me… don’t speak loudly, don’t make no sudden movements weird shit like that

So I’m like “wtf………”

But I notice we’re goin to PB… but still… you know?

ANYway, after what seems forever in anticipation…

we arrive at…


Hahahahahahaha so tight! Fucking curry is like my favorite food and shit! Maaaaan she’s too good.


Legacy of J5’s Shower

CDNow: 50 Cent’s (Forgot what its called)

* Broken Shower

So I’m in the shower doing my thing… I slip up and am about to fall right? So I try to balance myself on the wall… but lo and behold the wall doesn’t agree with this decision and decides to CAVE IN. So now… Marshall Uppers Apt. J-5 has a hole in the wall in the shower. Big ass hole too… bout 6-8 tiles.


* Cat Section Crazy

So one day (I think 2 Thursdays ago…) Cat section isn’t at SSB (which is like a minute’s walk from here), but somewhere in 6th college (which is like 5 minutes drive from here). So me and Justin go roll up right, bout 10 minutes late. After like an Easter egg hunt tryin to find the place, we arrive. First thing we hear is the TA going, “You should put your listening ears on!” First thing we see is some crazy shit. Ppl cuttin paper and looking through pieces of plastic. They look through the plastic at some cup and try to analyze this. On the directions, there’s some shit like: “What does the cup look like? What is different?” (It looks like a cup and nothing is different…) But yeah. Since me and Justin are late, we don’t have time to cut out the paper to make the “viewing pane” or whatever that plastic thing was. The teachers just give us a pre-made one…

Just a reminder… what I’m talking about is CRAZY… but you probly had to be there…

Oh yeah… and J’s blazed as fuck so of course it’s weird to him.

ANYway, so we fly through all the things we’re supposed to do (like 5 of them), while everyone else is still on like the 1st one. WTF… its just looking at a cup through a piece of plastic, how stupid can you get? But yeah… it was just weird as fuck…
Oh. And at the end, I get my quiz back. Me and Justin both got: 3.8 out of 5 & 3/4. WTF kinda grade is THAT?

* Necklace/Poster/Skirt

Me and Adry went to the vendor fair @ library walk a few weeks ago. It was really nice and everything… lots of good stuff. Adry got me this tight ass necklace… its cool cuz whenever I’m not with her it reminds me of her…
But yeah. I also got a Radiohead OK Computer poster… good stuff. Adry also got some rings for herself (actually, she tried to get me one, but it wouldn’t fit!) And I also got her a real cool skirt-like drape thing whatever, and a Nightmare Before Christmas poster. Hopefully she likes em both!

* Essay Sucked

So yeah the Cat Essay SUCKED. Stayed up till 7 AM doing it… I had very hateful away messages and all that. Um… yeah it sucked. I don’t wanna think about it right now.

…Oh yeah. We turned it in during class, and later that day at section (which I didn’t go to but heard about it) they gave it right back to us and said to peer edit it (which I already did like 3 times). STUPID

* Adry likes CREED??? 3 DOORS DOWN???

Yeah. That pretty much explains it. How can you like that Krytonite song? WTF. Nickelback too probly. BLAH BLAH BLAH! fucking ey no sense of taste in music! hahaha

So yeah… this weekend was pretty FOGGY. Derrick and Manny came over and chilled. Hella fun! Hella food! Hella uncertainty! Hella tired! Hella fun!
Hella… hella! And wtf is Bookoo? Yoked? Wha…???

Oh yeah… earlier we also went with Kaia, AJ, Tomas, Jose, Tiff, Fernando, John, Angelica, etc. to some Drag Queen thing. Me n Adry saw only a lil’ bit though… although there was this one completely naked guy in the theater lounge… uh… yeah. Then we went to the ATM and lost Jose. Then we went to the moov’s but lost the bus so we didn’t go. Then we went to AJ’s and chilled for 10. Then we came here and me, Kaia, Tiff, Adry & Mel partook in some activities. Then Derrick and them came back.

Hella non-chronological order!

Haha hella fun!

And Adry… the love is always there, forever waiting.

…forever mushy!

Aren’t the pix and other stuff cool? It’s becoming more like a regular website… well not really but kinda. And use the damned board! Yeah you! Tuan goddamnit!

Utter Mundane

NowSong: The Private Psychedelic Reel – The Chemical Brothers
NextSong: Song To The Siren – TCB

My Summer Bridge Family Story

So it goes down like this.

I IM Kaia, and she’s all immediately “gtg call me” I call her bout 10 minutes later, the 1st thing she says, “So you like Adry or what?”
I’m all… “Well yeah”

I wait a while for all the jumpin and laughin and screamin to stop.

Then, “Can I tell ppl?” I ask Adry. “Sure.”

Literally, LESS THAN A MINUTE LATER, 3 ppl IM me, 1 person calls, 2 ppl IM Adry, all askin “IS IT TRUE???”

So now of course, less than a day later, EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER’S UNCLE’S DOG’S FOOD BOWL knows that me n Adry are the next Bridge Hookup

Hahaha Fuckin Bridge!

ANYway… random shit.

•Mel has a tight philosophy
•Kaia the best sister ever
•Vejea is my heero
•Zander is a fiend!
•Christina is jealous
•John is a gu— TEMPERATURE INVERSION!!! >=()
•Justin is a stoner
•Tuan is weird
•Adry is the greatest!

ShinChiaPet:^______^: bloop!

Hi welcome to Clock’s section of my blog.

Since he’s probly off at Camelot or somethin, I just wanna say… FUCK EM UP. DO IT FOR SLIME!!! hahaha wtf I’m crazy. This isn’t clock’s section anymore!

Artist: Bjork
Album: Vespertine
Title: Aurora

The way it melts
I wish
To melt
Into you

Utter mundane…

More Than Just Friends

LastSong: Thin Line – J5
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Its been awhile, but I’ve been busy…

Finals are over, everyone’s gone home (I’m going tommorow).
I forget all I did this past week, but it was all cool… kinda.

That Thursday/Friday was fun @ work…
Thursday was the gift exchange over at Jan’s place. It was pretty cool, but I forgot who I was supposed to give my gift to! (sorry Barbara!) I got a Tower gift certificate from Thomas, I gotta go use that soon. Brown Elephant gifts were the best though… Susie was naughty with the condom/mouthwash, Vejea got caught with a bag of cheetos, also, a box of lint, pooperscooper+trash, THE MAN (!!!), and others. I ended up with some tight ass almond chocalate clusters… damn they were good.

Friday was the ATP Office staff lunch… had some hella good food at Yokozuna’s (cleaned the plate!). It was cool…but…
Right afterwards, I went to an OASIS advisory board meeting… with MORE food… I had to eat it… but I was SOOOO full…

Oh yeah… StrongBad and SongWars with Adry

Saturday… Final hell begins. Everyone starts studying… I did some Cogs/Math review, but nothing too hardc0re. SongWars continue and Clockw0rk sucks

Sunday… Let the studying begin… otherwise same as Sat. except I stayed up waaaaaay later than I shoulda

Monday… Finals begin… Cogs is an easy hour, then I go to study for Math… which later procedes to punch me. At least I didn’t get raped…

Tuesday… Finals continue… Cat is stupid and long, but easy. I then work. Plans for celebration are made.

Wednesday… Celebration with Adry and Christina.

Thursday… wake up and go to work. Work all day (“If these walls could speak… they’d bleed” kinda work), then hell, why not celebrate some more? Justin shows me and Adry what’s up. Let the paranoia begin…

Friday… work again, this time, data entry and word unscrambling type of work. No one tells me whassup so I stay home and do nothing.

Saturday… oh that’s today. Do nothing, clean house, pack, dl/listen music. w0rd. Hopefully I won’t be doing this at home (unlikely).

…Regarding the songs… Should I agree with Nelly? Or the Jurassic ones? And. Should I start playing again? And. I like Tool.

Finally & What’s So Important About the Sheets?

Apparently updating is for losers…

Haven’t been up to much, just got back from a 3-day weekend spent at home. Super boring. Didn’t do anything, didn’t see any of my friends, etc etc. At least the food’s good. Other than that, uh… oh. Kaia braided my hair less than a week ago and its all in shambles now… thanks Kaia! Um… PIW isn’t that much of a problem now, he just don’t talk anymore. Nothing else is new really, cept:

We finally have a dish rack.
Adry finally has her sheets back.
My roommate finally got to smoke out.

I really should update like, daily or something maybe?