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Climate Change

Is climate change for real? – Littleton, MA – Littleton Independent.

Both the bears and the ringed seals are for us indicator animals serving mankind in the same manner as the canary did for coal miners when the carbon monoxide level in the mines became too high resulting in their death and warning miners to get out before it was too late.

I hate this trope. It only serves to reinforce the fact that humans are perfectly ok with decreeing the very lives of our Earth roommates merely as tools for our own survival

Or, “Why I Still Use Styrofoam Plates”

Let’s play a game.

I’m going to spew a bunch of early-to-mid 90’s jargon. Lemme know how many words you recognize in the comments and win a prize!


Some crazy shit. First its the polar ice caps melting and now the coral reefs.

I remember talking to my friend Ferngully about the environment and its greenery. How it was up to our generation to Save The Earth. Looks like we kinda dropped the baton on that one. Yes, the previous generation , yelling save the earth… Save the earth… SAVE THE EARTH! But it would seem that the baton has already dropped. It was up to our generation to stop fucking our planet up. While I was a kid in the 90’s, non-scientist grownups were too focused on their corporations and their factories to notice that recent studies have shown that pollution is not A Good Thing. They weren’t cool enough to care.

Well, I wasn’t that cool either. My other friend Mandelia thinks Captain Planet is cool. Hell no. That show was waaaay too cheesy. I hate that show not because it’s really cheesy, but because it’s campy, goody-goody vibe actually turned kids off of being Eco-Concius.

“When I grow up, I’m going to give a fuck about the planet!” (I cussed a lot as a kid. But I cared about the Environment! It all evens out.)

Maybe 2012 is the end of the earth as we know it. Maybe instead of laughing, we should have been learning.

But you know, Times Are Tough, so… yeah… about that environment. We’ll get to it Ey-sap okay? Gotta get paid first.

Just like Styrofoam plates. I know shouldn’t use them. Buuuuut… eh… it’s a barbeque after all… and the paper plates are so tiny.

The power is yours!

Bad Transportation = Pollution ≠ Green | Change

Soon, the U.S. Senate will hold a confirmation hearing on the president-elect's choice of Ray LaHood for Secretary of Transportation. No one expects that hearing to be anything but easy for LaHood. That's too bad, because it shows that when it comes to greening the stimulus, we're not only missing the forest for the trees, we're not even seeing the trees right…

…LaHood’s appointment is so disappointing to transportation advocates who’ve been waiting eight years for change, that they’re boiling with indignant disbelief, branding him “an unbelievably disastrous pick,” “Status quo we can believe in” and “same.gov” (a dig at the Obama transition site, change.gov). As one insider summed it up: “It’s a real read-it-and-weep moment.”

This is exactly what I was talking about. Dammit Obama!

[via Worldchanging]

Exmas ’03

I’ve been going on AIM more often lately (once in awhile, instead of never) so I figured more people would be directed here.

I’m listenin to Daft Punk’s Homew0rk by the way.

So yeah, Its Christmas (fuck off nitpickers) and I’m doing good (once again…). Let’s describe my day.

I woke up around 6ish; Mizuki was eager as ever to see what Santa & My ‘rents gave to her. She wound up with a tv, dvd player, expensive electronic learning thingy, and other stuff. Me? The usual outfit & cash, along with a 307 cd case (OMG) and some headphones (actually these are pretty cool). So yeah, after the merriment of everyone opening their presents—- hold up. So yeah, christmas this year was cool. I actually felt a little something like the old days of the holiday, a true sense of wonderment for the presents, as well as the feeling of being happy with my whole family (a reacurring theme this break). Like I said before, its been good.

So anyway, afterwards, I went back to sleep for awhile and did the usual room seclusion thing that I love doing while @ home. Around 3 or 4 tho, it started hailing! Haha, what a christmas day huh? I loved it. I surely wouldn’t be able to get this kinda shit in SD. Which brings me to another thing. I dunno if its because of finals and all that stress mess, but when I’m in SD, I seriously cannot feel the holiday spirit. I’m sure a lot of it just has to do with the environment. While I’m in SD, it doesn’t even feel like winter. For example, when the holidays come around here, it gets fucking cold (not like in SD where its only cold late @ night. I’m talking about all day all night) And the trees (not all evergreen) have little or no leaves. I dunno, I just haven’t felt it in SD yet. Although not having seasons is convenient, you just gotta appreciate how nature works, changing things up for us every 4 months or so.
ANYway, the hailstorm also created a really nice rainbow too. Nice and thick and not all tranlucent. It was actually a double rainbow, with a fainter double below it. What a beautiful day huh?

Dinner was great too—- oh yeah, my brunch, was Mabou (sp?) Ramen. Uh… I guess its like regular Ramen w/ spicy ground pork and tofu added to it. Man… that shit is too good.
Dinner tho, was even better. A nice Christmas roast with homemade mashed potatoes, steamed veges and salad and mini crossaints. Man that roast was good. Actually come to think of it, imma hafta have some after this post.

So the evening presses on, and I get a call from Tuan askin if I wanted to go see ROTK (you should know this acronym). Man, what a pleasant surprise! So we go around 8:30, and watch the damned thing.

I’m sure everyone else has heard enough about it but man, what a tight ass movie/trilogy/ending. The minor book/movie changes were a nice + in this one, subtle, understandable and enhancing. Lemme just say that I will be joining the horde who await the super ultra extended mega triple trilogy DVD pack. Man… watching the whole thing’ll probly take a whole day huh? “Good shit” as Dan “THE MAN” Laury would say.

So then I return, and am lucky enough to catch Adry online for a brief moment. Damn… I miss her millions (but that’s another post!). I love ya babe, hope you’re havin fun!
Bored, and longing to get fucked up, Me and Tuan hook up again. I smoke him out (in a matter of speaking?) in front of his home, look at the stars, and chill. Good people.

And now I’m at home, typin, eatin frozen strawberries, and listening to Daft. What a wonderful life indeed.

Block & Throw Motherfuckers

CDNOW: Aquemini – Outkast & R U Still Down (Do You Remember Me) – 2Pac

Ok. So Ed was watching the “I wonder if heaven got a ghetto” vid right.

Reminded me ALL about that album. Its sooooo fucking tight.


Its been like a fucking week and a half huh?


I forget what I did last weekend. It was great though, I’m sure. =D
Well… If I remember correctly… that weekend was filled with green. Saturday… OH. Yeah… There was another Bridge party, but sadly I couldn’t make it cuz I was too paranoid. Sunday, I remember sleeping, getting lost or something and something else I’m sure.
Then after that… the week was pretty crazy. It was pretty much every other day… if not more. Wednesday was nice. Went to the mall with AJ, her cousin and Mel, Got to light up with just about everyone, my roomies and their friends, marshall heads and yrda too! Couldn’t even go to class on Thurs…

Now… for the fun stuff.

Friday… Happy b-day AJ!!! Seriously… we took up the whole fucking bus going to CPK! Maaann and stupid Mel always flashing me! (haha) P.S.: Don’t get the BLT pizza… WAY too much lettuce.

What really sucked tho… paying was a bitch… then we had to wait over an hour for the bus to come. Literally. Fuck… I had to piss SOOOOOOOOO bad too… man… I was bursting when I got back to John’s place…

ANYway… later that night… go over to AJ’s for a bit, chill, get some information, bout to go over to Muir, but end up not.

Lost bracelets.
Midnight dancing.

Ended the day with Ed/Justin doing what we do best.

Saturday… the end is near.

Wake up 2:30, get a call to go to Black’s Beach… I get up and get dressed and go.

FUCK it was foggy. OMG couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you. SOOOO tight tho… rolled up with Mel, Kaia, Adry, Chris Tan, Smalloman, Angelica, Fernando AJ, and I’m forgetting someone huh? Sorry! =( ANYway, some of us were stupid and played in the water… hella fun.
Later that day… we’re supposed to go to PB, but we don’t, TJ, but we don’t, so we end up smokin hooka in front of Fernando’s. Good ppl + Stuff + CARNE ASADA FRIES OMG = beautiful pretty.

Sunday… wha? SUNday? What sun?
We didn’t see any sun and we just stayed in bed the WHOLE FUCKING DAY. What a waste… best waste of time ever.

Monday… oh yeah… I have hella hw huh?


naw fuck that shit.

I milked this 3 day weekend good…


Haven’t slept in a few days, so I try to convince someone not to go to w0rk. Failure, so I’m a good kid and go to all my classes/workshops/whatever. They’re all boring as fuck. At least I get an hour or so at work.

WTF… our place is hella cleaned up. Adry’s too good. But wait! Where’s my keys and my glasses? dun Dun DUN! A small price to pay for what I got now though… haha! Now… its time for ppl to study. Not me though, I’m just waiting till ppl finish. So finish ppl! Tommorow’s Weednesday! Got shit to do.

And… Adry says I’m too cheesy. WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT???


almost forgot…

ShinChiaPet:^______^: bloop!

Hi welcome to Clock’s section of my blog.

In this edition… since he’s not online… I’ll just tell you what he thinks about mvc1.

Clockw0rk (12:59 AM): theres like no blockstun in that game
UltraRelax (01:00 AM): you’re all
UltraRelax (01:00 AM): 1212 what wtf where’s strong
UltraRelax (01:00 AM): oh yeah
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): yea that too
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): thats pretty gay
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): thats super gay actually
UltraRelax (01:00 AM): oh yeah blockstun
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): but the no blockstun thing is pretty gay
UltraRelax (01:00 AM): yeah
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): like
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): lets say 2 chars sj
UltraRelax (01:00 AM): jab throw
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): and meet eachother in the air
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): yea
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): like
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): ill do a jab and they block it
Clockw0rk (01:00 AM): he can airthrow me like
UltraRelax (01:00 AM): spiderman does 1234 and gets thrown
Clockw0rk (01:01 AM): before my fucken hand retracts
UltraRelax (01:01 AM): haha
Clockw0rk (01:01 AM): thats how zangief is good in that game
Clockw0rk (01:01 AM): you just block and throw motherfuckers

Yeah… sorry its so weak.

But ANYway… I’d just like to say that Clockw0rk gives the best advice ever and he sucks cuz he’s hella cool. Everyone loves you! Listen to his theme song! It’s too true!