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Star Wars Gangsta Generations

Star Wars Gangsta Generations

Yeah... Imma go see it. Gotta support, right?

Yeah... Imma go see it. Gotta support, right?

As I noted in another post, Puff Daddy is fucking ridiculous. Who knows how much bank he’s gonna make offa pimping Biggie’s ghost once again. Sigh. Victory is his. Always. At least Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher) is gettin paid too.

And have ya’ll seen the Sweet 16{{1}} with his son?

“Begun this, Clone War has.”

Homeboy has got the ego of his dad fosho… I dunno Puffy’s lifestyle growin’ up, but I assume he was a hustla (I guess we might find out soon though). This kid might have the swagger, but he sure as hell ain’t gonna have the drive.

And to all the haters: No I don’t know StarWars quotes off the top of my head. I googled “clone quotes”. But I do know the Star Wars Gangsta Rap by heart.

*pimp walk*

Yet, I didn’t know it spawned a sequel.

Jar Jar is kinda racist though. The “X” hat is a trigger and then the whole chasin’ after the white women thing… yuck. Then there’s C3PO…{{2}} Disregarding that though, shit is pretty funny. Jabba rap… haha. A lot more “gangsta”{{3}} that the first at least.

But the original is still the best starwarz related shit ever.{{4}} Fuck the remake, or the movie versions. And you gotta love the LL reference at the end.

So yeah, that’s about the extent of my Starwarz infatuation. Me and the rest of the FHP used to sing this shit in Chemistry… if I remember right I was Yoda (I’m good with voices). Good times.

Never really cared for the movies… they’re aiiight, but I’d rather watch some Macross or something. Either way, fuck the haters, Imma go grab a gin & tonic.

[[1]]Ugh don’t ask. Ever since the boo came into my life I’ve found myself watching more crap on TV. Not by choice…usually. Why can’t she just stick to cartoons? Although she did show me the awesomeness that is Food Network. I guess we’re even.[[1]]

[[2]]How often I find myself taking off my social justice hat, especially when it comes to the shit that makes me laugh… oh world and your opposing truths.[[2]]

[[3]]That’s quote-un-quote.[[3]]

[[4]]PS: The original was actually uploaded on Newgrounds/Atom, but that site is so ad-ridden these days, that I opted for the lower quality YT versions. You can go here for the first one and here for the second if you want to see the good shit.[[4]]


Monday; September 11, 2006

Last weekend

Bungie Jumping

Kaki King

Snakes on a plane, New Castle, Garage Sale, Huge TV

. : .

WordPress Amnesty Monday; July 9, 2007 5:43 p:

Bungie Jumping: : I went Bungie jumping with Mel’s friends. We had to hike up and then jumped offa cliff for fun. One of my favorite experiences of last year. Thanks ya’ll… and remember to fix yo face!!! Ashley & her sister & cuz are tons of fun… I’d like to kick it w/them sometime again…

Kaki King: Great music, that I did get around posting about in a little more detail. before. Good thing this isn’t a real music blog, or I’d be in trouble. Anyways, she plays acoustic. While you’re listening to the song, imagine that the guitar is sideways on homegirl’s lap. WOWOWOWOW! CRAZY HUH!?

Snakes on a plane: I saw it in theatres, to my surprise. I felt better as an internet citizen for seeing it though. It was entertaining, but the crowd was silent except us. Fuckers. But going with the posse (Wayne Conrad & Jason Tjalsma) made it that much better. Good times. I miss ya’ll too!

Terry drinking a mancastle

New Castle: I love this stuff. IronicallyCoincidentally, I’m drinking it right now. Mmmmm…

Garage Sale: Um, I think that this was when I helped out Harold, my neighbor back in the VV with a Huge “Garage” Sale at my sister’s gym’s parking lot. Worked kinda hard (not REALLY), but it felt good helping out a friend. In return, I also picked up my current 26″ Sony Trinitron, the “Huge TV”. <== I'm a Sony TV whore. I always wanated a nice Wega…... Anyways, without Harold and my dad, half the furniture/appliances in the Mennonite Mansion wouldn’t be here! And now I play videogames in my room all the time.

Almost a year later, but better than never.

Apple’s Newest Product; iSuck

iPhone won’t send MMS pictures and videos

This being speculation and all, I don’t wanna jump to any conclusions. But not being able to send all the cool, hip pix/vids that you take with your iphone to other phones seems kinda weird. Apple (& ATT) would be missing a great chance to rub iPhone’s absolute coolness into “prolephone” users’ faces.

Yeah there’s an issue with MMS pics and videos being “too lq” (size/conversion issues, etc.) for this, but that shouldn’t be a problem with the almighty iphOneSX right? Who knows it may be a platform. Who knows, it could double as a BttF:2 style hover board.

Haha… I can’t believe I got baited. I hate the iPhone for its Steve-ness’ Mega-Extreme RDF energies.
And I never did plan and getting one in the first place =/

Not hating, just think its another PS3: Don’t care for it, but would feel real smug if I had one.

In other news: I’m doing the cap & gown thing on Sunday. Right? Weird.


GDMFSOB – DJ Shadow & U.N.K.L.E.

So… as you can see by the timing, my sleeping schedule is fucking off. Nowadays, I only start getting tired around 6-7. I COULD go to sleep before then, but I was busy working on the site/being unproductive. Although nothing’s really changed yet (that image took long enough… I’m still a PS newbie), at least the initiative is there. A couple of new songs are up too… can’t remember if I put up Kid A before, but even if I have, its good enough to go on again. Regarding the other song…

Kill Bill
I saw this movie before break and man… its a good one. I didn’t go in expecting much… probly because the lame title threw me off, but I came out with my moneys worth and more. And even though its only a “part 1″, the way the storyline goes, its pretty self-contained (as will the sequel). If you’d welcome a beat-em-up violent movie, then this is your ticket. But as its a Tarentino film, its done in a way that can only be described as fuckingcool. Definately one of my favorites this year.
Oh… and the music… once again, top tier shit. Other good songs include: Twisted Nerve (whistle while you work), Woo Hoo (J-surf) & Issac Hayes’ Run Fay Run. The rest of the soundtrack has some nice soundbytes, Enka, sfx and TV themes, +.

School is weak. I have no classes registered. I can’t register for the classes I want cuz I’m not an iCam major yet. I’m not even sure if I still wanna be an iCam major. Blah talking about it depresses me… enough of that.

Well its about time for me to get tired now. I wish starbucks was open 24/7…

Oh btw… regarding the Hell test, I actually only got as far as purgatory… for some reason, the T/F questions always = true when I was there on some beta web browser. See? I told you I wasn’t that bad…