This guy is an idiot

Like Puff says, “What cha’ll want me to do? I’m sorry.”

I just had to link this one. This guy is fuckin’ hilarious. His ego is like a hundred billion zillion, and it can’t/won’t/don’t stop. As much as I dislike his music, shows, grave digging, etc., he makes me laugh.

Fuckin’ froot loops (I always thought they were frUIt loops. I don’t eat a lotta cereal)… THIS GUY.

PS: I see he still “dances” the same. Can’t noone say “I can’t dance” no more after seein’ this fool.

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I'm currently working on everything. INcluding this blog. For the past few hours, I've been keeping some of my typos. In what I write that is.

4 thoughts on “This guy is an idiot

  1. I know. It just gets worse over time. I can’t really think of anyone I like less in the Rap game. Hmm… yeah nope.

    Did you go to or whatever the site is at the end? That made me throw up a little.


  2. bahahahhahahha…
    this guy thinks he is the SHIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

    this is way too funny.

    and the fruit loops thing?
    me dos me dos.

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