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Heart of a Champion

2008 Summer Paralympic Games.

Holy shit. Wheelchair Basketball, Blind Triple Jump, Blind soccer, Super Swimmers…

I hella missed out. These athletes are fucking amazing.

PS: The Big Picture is fantastic. I meant to pimp it a while back, but it got lost in the 2read madness (login w/ “hagure” & no password) that I’ve accumulated. Check out their Olympic pix too. A definite add to The Reader, hint hint.

To all TeleVision Watchers, FYI: In 2 years, the government will kill your television.

Old TV Warning

In 2 years, the government will kill your television.

“Here’s a coupon,” they say.

How much will this cost me? I got bills to pay, mouths to feed,” we ask.

“Go away. I’ll tell you later during the ‘transition period’,” they say.


“Our job is not yet done. All industries involved in this transition have a responsibility to educate consumers about this exciting new era in television. CEA will continue our award-winning efforts to meet this responsibility and we look forward to working with our industry and government partners to develop and implement educational programs.” ~ Consumer Electronics Association President, Gary Shapiro

(IOW: Its not our problem, but please pat us on the back for already upgrading our own tvs to 50″ plasmas, and telling our friends).

Appropriation vs. Stealing & Fairy vs. Moser


Originally uploaded by iamanerddotnet.

NOTE: A work-in-progress… beta is yucky I know, but better than nothing for now…
There’s a good discussion going on at flickr (a place I should frequent more often), regarding “obey” and other’s use of images in the public domain (in this case, art that is really old). It’s a pretty good overview of the arguement, and I found myself nodding my head at many different points from bothsides. I believe Shanrosen says it best though:

If you are arguing that copying is unethical, have a deeper look at art history. Historically, artists always learned by copying the masters. Lots of copies of the works of the Old Masters exist, and many works only survive as copies. This is widespread in all the arts. Shakespeare, for example, used many earlier works when developing his plays. Think of the folk process, where works are changed and developed over generations, sometimes retaining much of their original character, and sometimes being substantially reworked but still clearly identifiable. Check out Bob Dylan’s works and his creative process. It is much the same as what we are talking about here (though Dylan is IMHO by far the superior artist).

We need to be clear-headed about copying and copyright. If we’re not, then we could acquiesce to a copyright regime which would be stifling for everyone except the media conglomerates. It is already affecting people here in Flickr who use old found images in their montages. Their pages have been removed from public view in case of (highly unlikely) copyright violation. The risk is seen as too high for Flickr to take.

But what effect is that going to have on the art of montage? We have perfect tools for it now (Photoshop, GIMP) but will we be unable to exhibit montage on the web for fear of copyright violation? (Fairey’s work is a digital montage of public domain works, a bit more subtle than the usual, but you people have identified the source images accurately.)

The Grooveblog discusses Roy Lichtenstein’s fine walk between appropriation and theivery.

I miss those CDs… again.

Man, my break has been great. I’ve been catching up with old friends and having a blast. Certainly a time of change… I’ve got a lotta other things to write, in a lotta other places, and since nobody comes here, imma make this short. And I also don’t like the fact that I still don’t have a layout of my own. Yeah yeah, once I get back in SD, I’ll use the finally accquired comp and photoshop and digicam and all that madness to make an original, maybe crappy, but original site. I really hate this template stuff… being the original, self-confident person that I am… hahaha.
So, happy holidays! I hope all you guys are having a great break too. And if you are reading this, tell me! And I’ll stop blowing it off… yeah right.

Oh yeah almost forgot. I was listening to Homew0rk when I was blogging, but now its Rage’s debut. Don’t have that plethora of music here like I do at home… but I did just buy Homew0rk, Band of Gypsys, FatBoySlim’s newest one, Dig Your Own Hole (again by mistake), and um… Deltron 3030 Instrumentals. I think that’s about it. I love music, don’t you?