I remember back in junior high and high school.
I used to listen to Rage. I heard the message.
Flashforward 6-8 years or so…
I now understand it.
Before the music resonated with me. “The Machine” was the whole grown-up world. Teenage angst if you will.
The reality is much worse than that. Now the music makes my whole body vibrate and shake. With anger.
Recently I’ve been putting off a major decision in my life. Follow my dreams, or fight for them. Should I go along my way of becoming a video game designer, toys for the privaleged? Or should I fight to bring the joy that I get from games to everyone. Sigh… it is Men & Women who can “throw away” their individual dreams, and take up the dreams of billions of people lying in wait for their time to finally, finally, finally come.

Who were you, Mark Garrison, to bump RATM?

yes i know my enemy
they’re the teachers who told me to fight me

the elite

all of which are american dreams

What are you doing about it? Its not just “good music”… its a message. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

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