K Qt

Isn’t my new favicon so cuuuuute? Aww… babble!

As you can see… I’m getting there again.

I’ve been playing a lot of marvel again… that game just never gets old. 6 years and still strong! I’m currently trying to learn Sent/Storm/CapCom (yeah… I finally went to the darkside and dropped doom for capcom). I can’t fastfly for shit anymore!

Other than that… I’ve just been kickin it with Lyon, drinking New Castle, and trying to stay up with my routines.


Oh, here’s my new favorite song as of today: Dream Island Obsessional Park A kinda techno japanese adhan… or something. I wonder if it uses elements from traditional Japanese music forms…if so… it seems that’s what has caught my interest as of late.

Its from the Paranoia Agent anime… which is quite interesting in its own right, from what I’ve seen!

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