No more Taco Day in Los Angeles

Graff from E. OAKLAND, not L.A. haha

I found out awhile back that there is a new law in L.A. targeted towards Taco trucks that make it a misdemeanor to sell tacos for longer than an hour.

This is a M***af****n’ outrage.

There’s a whole community at Save Our Taco Trucks! centered around supporting and encouraging this Los Angeles tradition that is embraced by native, foodie and hipster alike. Admittedly, I’m not from L.A. and don’t know much about Gloria Molina, but I dunno why someone who fought against the Prison-Industrial Complex would single out Taco Trucks. Progressives normally like good greasy food (cept the vegans of course!).

The debate can be found here and here, while other L.A. taco news can be found @ La Taco. Sign the petition, spread the word, and support your local street vendor!

If you’ve never had Tacos cooked fresh after a late night of dancing/drinking/fun, then you are missing out on quite a treat. Obviously, L.A. isn’t the only place that has these, but I don’t think they’re done better anywhere else. They’ve already started cracking down on trucks, but if it gets any more serious, Imma hafta go all Jean Grae and have a “Taco Day“.

On this track, Tsidi Ibrahim is at her most paranoid, and her rapid-fire, psycho babble flow does well when she tells the story of young Rebecca Gates Scott’s very, very bad & bloody day.

But all the while they’re plotting behind my back/
All My friends—even the teachers/

Even my best friend/
I hate them all! They’re all plotting against me/
Trying to convince me that nothing’s wrong/
But the whole world’s against me/
I know it

It only gets worse while Mr. Len’s gloomy organs and deep double bass add another layer of hopelessness to Becky’s tortured whirlwind of revenge against her abusers. Taking the role of the unspoken female, Grae voices the anger and rage felt by women who are abused by their families. The news segment skits interlaced between Scott’s bars parody sensationalist “Breaking News” stories and highlights a society that wants to beat the ADHD out their children.

Forreals tho. If Taco Trucks disappear, someone’s gonna end up like grandpa.

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