Head of Skate: Coming to a country near you?

Head of Skate: Coming to a country near you?

I’ve been tempted to post about Palin ever since she was picked. But I couldn’t muster up the effort… she’s just too depressing (What a fucking “spit in your eye” to Hillary). I guess I was waiting for this inevitable trailer:

Note: I didn’t have the time to resize the video, so just watch it in full screen.

In response to this.

Ugh…politricks. Do you think that the trailer would be (not “will be”… please) true to life?

PS: Too many scratched records though. Shoulda used a “wah-waah-waaaaaah” or something instead (does anyone know the official name for this classic sound effect?).

PPS: Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.

[via Gruber]

Update: Leave it to the internets to take a quote & photoshop the hell it.

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