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Spirit Shake

I love kickin it with the Chinese Mannings. I mean… when I kick it with these guys its always some real chill times. B-ball, newcastles, STARS alley (one way or another), music. Always tons of music… just real good times.
The best part though, is that the conversation gets kicked up to a whole new level:
succinct and efficient from a “mere mortal sky”.

An example:
“This is Ridiculous.”
“I will.”
“I am”
“You are manning it so hard”

Its really convenient to be able to express such a diaspora of emotions with various forms of only 3 words: “don’t, ridiculous and manning”. Primitive, yes, but its great for the lazy. (ie Me).

So when I come upon something so, for lack of a better word, ridiculous, I have turn to my mannings to verify that:

1.I’m not crazy,

and 2.that I am justified in looping this over and over again for 5 days straight (and counting!).

After all. If its too ridiculous for even THEM, then I know that I better not let anyone know that I get so much pleasure from it (well, Adry’s an exception. She’ll laugh at ANYthing). One example of such super-ridiculousity is Yakitate Japan! Don’t watch that unless you want a ridiculectomy.

Anyway, to the point. This shit below is a nightmare to society, transcribed for preventive measures.

“Spirit Journey”
by Masta Shake

Deep within the wool of time a creature shall be born
to see the light that is divided by the egg of tyranny
just stay forth from within the womb of life for three quarter ah~ni~ah yea~~r
The creature thus be formed. The creature thus be born!

*Guitar solo*

And ye of years…
…Who Chime!
And the heavens open up, and drank from the silver cu~~~p
The creature thus be born…
…And blow the magic horn!

*Guitar solo*

To alert the spirit deep within the cycle of li~~~fe
— *que close up of wide-eyed shake*
The creature has begun its journey,
Be forlon… upon this day which he be, formed~ah.
— *que close up of wide-eyed shake*
In a sea of mucus!

The Spirit rides down from the mountain in the knife with the Creature in the womb!

The holy union… of mortality.
Until the dark mortality breaks the chain of light.
The creature thus be born~ah.

*Guitar solo*

— (there must be some secret horrible message to kill children in here, somewhere.)

Every year raineth down the celebratory te~ars
The celebration of the youth
from mere mortal sky
…And the verdict?:
Chat with Ryan

Yes. Shake so hard indeed.

Chat with Dixon

So I guess I’m in the clear. Phew!

PS: I need to ゲットa mini door hanging b-ball hoop