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Just got offa my first graveyard shift. Whew!

I was supposed to be off this Monday evening, but…

…they called me as soon as I got home to say…

“No, you ARE working today! Cya @ 11:30!”

There goes my night! Sigh. April Twentieth twenty ten. Kinda makes me feel like this guy:

Thanks Damon.

Kiefer Sutherland smoking.

Should I stay up and JACK BAUER or sleep like NORMAL PERSON? If only there was a way to do both…

Magically Mundane

In life, there are many things. And many of these many things are magical. Whether it is some crazy newly discovered deep ocean species, a newfangled technology that promises to Change Everything, or one man’s triumph against insurmountable odds, it is plain to see that our world still has more wonders than we could ever imagine.

But you don’t need to go to the bottom of the ocean or be a genius or hero to experience such wonders. Look around you! Magic is all around!

What is magic? Well, according to the dictionary, Magic is:

“Used to discribe any food that weed is an ingredient of”

Wait. That’s not what I mean. Damned Urban Dictionary. Lemme try again:

magic (n) (n-adv)

1) with or through skill, cunning, talent, advanced technique, artifice or precice craft and skill
2) with or through complexity either spurios to the contemproary context or to long to be reasonable or desired of explanation
3) with or through the supernatural, praeternatural or quantum-mechanical
4) nor plausible or possible

That’s more like it.

With this series of posts, I will briefly touch upon some of the wondrous things and non-things that we take for granted. Many of these examples would have aroused accusations of sorcery a few centuries (or decades) ago, but today, they are overlooked, and in many cases, do not get the respect they deserve. And while some of these examples may not seem like magic at all due to our familiarity with them, I assure you, it’s magic.

To start off with, I would like to give thanks to the magically mundane fabulosity of Good Friends. You know who you are (or not). I truly do not show my gratitude for having your magic in my life. I resolve to change this, posthaste.


One misstep'll kill ya

One misstep'll kill ya

Something I saw today is making me feel like crap. Knots in the stomach, sweaty/tingly extremities, and propensity to cry at slight emotional instability. I must be syncing up or something… Sigh.

Someone once told me, “You paralyze yourself when shit goes wrong, so that you’re unable to get up and make it right”. Looking back at my blogger-days posts, I can see myself beating myself up so hard over shit like this. When it comes to intrapersonal stuff, I have a lotta deep, dark wounds, which I try to hide with wit & sarcasm & aloofness. When something got through those defenses though, I shut down. Hard.

These days, I feel as if I’ve made some progress–at least mentally, but I still get that physical/emotional hangover. And this event hits really close to home. Blah. Said I’d stop writing self-indulgent posts like this after blogger. I guess I just don’t know when to stop sometimes.

Gotta Get up, move on, and make it right. It’s the only way. To survive.


On a tangentially related note, I was reading the blog of one of my few frenemies yesterday. Turns out he had a lonely, shitty birthday on the 5th, and he has no real friends. I saw the title and thought I’d feel good readin’ the post, especially after the way he treated me the same day many years ago:

While b-day boy and all the cool kids (i.e. everyone else) were locked in his room laughin’ and havin’ a ball, I was sittin’ in the livin’ room babysitting his two elementary school brothers. I asked if I could come in, to which everyone replied, “NO.” Even homeboy’s mom ignored me and didn’t even look at me as she passed by to take snacks & sodas upstairs.

I have never forgotten how lonely, out of the loop, and plain shitty I felt that day. This experience, along with my first heartbreak still gives me hella insecurities and make up the biggest of my aforementioned wounds. Simple things such as not gettin’ a call back from someone can lead me to thinking that everyone hates me and I have no friends. So while I never wish ill on anyone, with this guy, I thought I’d be happy to see some karma in action.

I’m not. I pity him and his square head.


Fucking life. Fucking karma.

I’m sorry. It was wrong of me to do that.

Tyrannosaurus ‘Monk

So Shannon is officially one of Miss Behave’s “America’s Next Top Bloggers”.

Congratulation! A Winner Is You! As a present, I present you (eh??? like that!? yeah!?) with the best moment of “America’s Next Top Model”: The Ridiculectomy.

Note: It helps to 1/2 the volume of the ‘zilla, while keeping the ‘monk at 100%. For a Side-to-Side view, plug them into the doubler.

YouTube Doubler

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