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What I Do During Summer Vacation

So I’m waiting in line for Circuit City (Vacaville)’s Grand Opening. Its about 4:30pm and someone rolls by in their ride and asks:

“What are you waiting for?”

It’s a good question. Its 105º in Vacaville, and here I am reading a book outside sweatin’ in a parking lot.

Truth be told, I came by earlier to check out the line and there was about 30 some people. 45 minutes later (4:30pm), and according to my plastic slip, I’m #85 out of 100.


I’m waiting for a $50 Circuit City gift card. Since I don’t have a job, $25/hr. sounds really good to me.

Brought a good (book, a cooler full of water, vitamin water, a water bottle full of cheap whiskey, and a sandwich.

I’m good. Operation CHEAPASS is in effect.