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Times Change

So I ended up getting Mario Kart Wii or whatever.
I picked it up, picked up a DS, put that down, then put Kart back.

Almost walked outta the store; then I re-picked Kart.

Charge it, done deal.

Came home and misplaced it.

I didn’t even try to play it.

Are my days as a Gamer done?

I dunno. I just wanna say that I didn’t care cuz I heard that MKwii was shit and that cycles ruined the game buuuuut…

I played it.

Jump powerslides are reminiscent of OG SNES MK (enough acronymns for ya?), or at least so I believe. I haven’t figured out the boost system for MKwii yet… right now it seems that you simply “charge up” a speed boost, but I doubt that’s all there is to it. There’s depth to this game; it should not be slept on. Fuck. I gotta take this game seriously! No looking for contacts, kill the monks!

We’ll see.

But really though?

Its crazy that I said “We’ll see.”

I never would have said that before. Game woulda been analyzed harder and faster than any magazine reviewer. Back in the day, I was a gamer. I didn’t need no review or strategy guide to tell me how to play a game. Sadly, this was Ninja Gaiden that we were talking about, so beatdowns were given without any mercy. I woulda beat that bird through shear tenacity. Sadly, the bird wasn’t even a part of the equation

FRIENDS. How many of us have them?

Boom, Boom, Boom. ready for action…

Before I start, I just wanna say that Jason isn’t as crazy as I thought. Today the Futurama where Leela gets laid by Zapp Brannigan played. It in he says, “So… crawling back to the big Z like a bird on its belly!” Hahaha Jason, the joke was on us. You sly lad you!

So I have a little issue with friendships which stems from waaaay back in the day. As a wee lad, I had a super best friend. You know, one of those people that you totally click with, are totally in sync with, and stay up all night doing nothing, all the while having the time of your life. Good times.

Anyway, one week I got sick for a week and took off from school. When I came back, things changed and for some reason we stopped being such close friends. Looking back, I guess you could call it “growing apart”, but at the time, it just came outta nowhere. One week best friends, next week avoidance. Anyway, this was pretty crazy for me. Took another day or two off to cope.

So I went back to school, and after doing the whole “walk around while eating lunch so you look busy and not like a loner” for awhile, I nudged myself into a group of people who ate lunch by the library. So now I had people to eat lunch with, but I never considered myself to be their friends or anything, mainly cuz all they ever talked about was what happened on RAW or HEAT or whatever wrestling thing came on the night before (yeah I never was into watching the drama of men in tights fake beating each other up). So I still didn’t really have any good friends. That went on for about a trimester or 2.

Year after that tho, I got into the groove of things, and the beginnings of the FHP were born (Subw00fer & Doctor Claw UNITE!). Oh wait, this was acutally the start of Super Smash Brothers J.E.T.T. (Jason, Efrin, Terry Todd & Mark). Although Efrin didn’t play, he was cooler, and JMTT doesn’t have as nice a ring to it. Anyway, my Smash Brothers days is another story altogether.

Thing is, that whole incident only reinforced my previous insecurities that every kid has. I was left a kid who had a “fear of commitment” of sorts, the whole “not wanting to get hurt again” thing. So it became hard for me to make friends (and you people reading this know how “interesting” of a person I am…), resulting in stunted social development throughout highschool.

BUT, luckily I found the FHP and all my problems were solved! I had some cool friends, a Posse even! Yay! Noone was to mess with us. We were unbelievably smart, unbelievably lazy and unbelievably rudies (cept for that whole magnet-skating thing, and although we did tag up stuff, more often than not I did it with apple peels that I would deem “Nick Jr.’s Face”…yeeeeah…)! Anyway, now I could worry about more important things like girls and kisses and dances and all that normal HS stuff.

Exmas ’03

I’ve been going on AIM more often lately (once in awhile, instead of never) so I figured more people would be directed here.

I’m listenin to Daft Punk’s Homew0rk by the way.

So yeah, Its Christmas (fuck off nitpickers) and I’m doing good (once again…). Let’s describe my day.

I woke up around 6ish; Mizuki was eager as ever to see what Santa & My ‘rents gave to her. She wound up with a tv, dvd player, expensive electronic learning thingy, and other stuff. Me? The usual outfit & cash, along with a 307 cd case (OMG) and some headphones (actually these are pretty cool). So yeah, after the merriment of everyone opening their presents—- hold up. So yeah, christmas this year was cool. I actually felt a little something like the old days of the holiday, a true sense of wonderment for the presents, as well as the feeling of being happy with my whole family (a reacurring theme this break). Like I said before, its been good.

So anyway, afterwards, I went back to sleep for awhile and did the usual room seclusion thing that I love doing while @ home. Around 3 or 4 tho, it started hailing! Haha, what a christmas day huh? I loved it. I surely wouldn’t be able to get this kinda shit in SD. Which brings me to another thing. I dunno if its because of finals and all that stress mess, but when I’m in SD, I seriously cannot feel the holiday spirit. I’m sure a lot of it just has to do with the environment. While I’m in SD, it doesn’t even feel like winter. For example, when the holidays come around here, it gets fucking cold (not like in SD where its only cold late @ night. I’m talking about all day all night) And the trees (not all evergreen) have little or no leaves. I dunno, I just haven’t felt it in SD yet. Although not having seasons is convenient, you just gotta appreciate how nature works, changing things up for us every 4 months or so.
ANYway, the hailstorm also created a really nice rainbow too. Nice and thick and not all tranlucent. It was actually a double rainbow, with a fainter double below it. What a beautiful day huh?

Dinner was great too—- oh yeah, my brunch, was Mabou (sp?) Ramen. Uh… I guess its like regular Ramen w/ spicy ground pork and tofu added to it. Man… that shit is too good.
Dinner tho, was even better. A nice Christmas roast with homemade mashed potatoes, steamed veges and salad and mini crossaints. Man that roast was good. Actually come to think of it, imma hafta have some after this post.

So the evening presses on, and I get a call from Tuan askin if I wanted to go see ROTK (you should know this acronym). Man, what a pleasant surprise! So we go around 8:30, and watch the damned thing.

I’m sure everyone else has heard enough about it but man, what a tight ass movie/trilogy/ending. The minor book/movie changes were a nice + in this one, subtle, understandable and enhancing. Lemme just say that I will be joining the horde who await the super ultra extended mega triple trilogy DVD pack. Man… watching the whole thing’ll probly take a whole day huh? “Good shit” as Dan “THE MAN” Laury would say.

So then I return, and am lucky enough to catch Adry online for a brief moment. Damn… I miss her millions (but that’s another post!). I love ya babe, hope you’re havin fun!
Bored, and longing to get fucked up, Me and Tuan hook up again. I smoke him out (in a matter of speaking?) in front of his home, look at the stars, and chill. Good people.

And now I’m at home, typin, eatin frozen strawberries, and listening to Daft. What a wonderful life indeed.

Legacy of J5’s Shower

CDNow: 50 Cent’s (Forgot what its called)

* Broken Shower

So I’m in the shower doing my thing… I slip up and am about to fall right? So I try to balance myself on the wall… but lo and behold the wall doesn’t agree with this decision and decides to CAVE IN. So now… Marshall Uppers Apt. J-5 has a hole in the wall in the shower. Big ass hole too… bout 6-8 tiles.


* Cat Section Crazy

So one day (I think 2 Thursdays ago…) Cat section isn’t at SSB (which is like a minute’s walk from here), but somewhere in 6th college (which is like 5 minutes drive from here). So me and Justin go roll up right, bout 10 minutes late. After like an Easter egg hunt tryin to find the place, we arrive. First thing we hear is the TA going, “You should put your listening ears on!” First thing we see is some crazy shit. Ppl cuttin paper and looking through pieces of plastic. They look through the plastic at some cup and try to analyze this. On the directions, there’s some shit like: “What does the cup look like? What is different?” (It looks like a cup and nothing is different…) But yeah. Since me and Justin are late, we don’t have time to cut out the paper to make the “viewing pane” or whatever that plastic thing was. The teachers just give us a pre-made one…

Just a reminder… what I’m talking about is CRAZY… but you probly had to be there…

Oh yeah… and J’s blazed as fuck so of course it’s weird to him.

ANYway, so we fly through all the things we’re supposed to do (like 5 of them), while everyone else is still on like the 1st one. WTF… its just looking at a cup through a piece of plastic, how stupid can you get? But yeah… it was just weird as fuck…
Oh. And at the end, I get my quiz back. Me and Justin both got: 3.8 out of 5 & 3/4. WTF kinda grade is THAT?

* Necklace/Poster/Skirt

Me and Adry went to the vendor fair @ library walk a few weeks ago. It was really nice and everything… lots of good stuff. Adry got me this tight ass necklace… its cool cuz whenever I’m not with her it reminds me of her…
But yeah. I also got a Radiohead OK Computer poster… good stuff. Adry also got some rings for herself (actually, she tried to get me one, but it wouldn’t fit!) And I also got her a real cool skirt-like drape thing whatever, and a Nightmare Before Christmas poster. Hopefully she likes em both!

* Essay Sucked

So yeah the Cat Essay SUCKED. Stayed up till 7 AM doing it… I had very hateful away messages and all that. Um… yeah it sucked. I don’t wanna think about it right now.

…Oh yeah. We turned it in during class, and later that day at section (which I didn’t go to but heard about it) they gave it right back to us and said to peer edit it (which I already did like 3 times). STUPID

* Adry likes CREED??? 3 DOORS DOWN???

Yeah. That pretty much explains it. How can you like that Krytonite song? WTF. Nickelback too probly. BLAH BLAH BLAH! fucking ey no sense of taste in music! hahaha

So yeah… this weekend was pretty FOGGY. Derrick and Manny came over and chilled. Hella fun! Hella food! Hella uncertainty! Hella tired! Hella fun!
Hella… hella! And wtf is Bookoo? Yoked? Wha…???

Oh yeah… earlier we also went with Kaia, AJ, Tomas, Jose, Tiff, Fernando, John, Angelica, etc. to some Drag Queen thing. Me n Adry saw only a lil’ bit though… although there was this one completely naked guy in the theater lounge… uh… yeah. Then we went to the ATM and lost Jose. Then we went to the moov’s but lost the bus so we didn’t go. Then we went to AJ’s and chilled for 10. Then we came here and me, Kaia, Tiff, Adry & Mel partook in some activities. Then Derrick and them came back.

Hella non-chronological order!

Haha hella fun!

And Adry… the love is always there, forever waiting.

…forever mushy!

Aren’t the pix and other stuff cool? It’s becoming more like a regular website… well not really but kinda. And use the damned board! Yeah you! Tuan goddamnit!