I Always Quickly Skip Over the Good Parts

Uh… I’ve been listening to Tori, 3 Colours Red, QOTSA, etc. Adry/Terry Music

Bastard Tuan made me get up and do this… well not really. It was Eugene…


I’m still bored but its cool. I can keep myself busy haha.

Um… let’s see… oh yeah Xmas. That was cool. I got socks that are too small for me, a keychain, some kinda passport holder thingy, and boxers. I also went and finally bought myself a PS2 from xmas sales on base. But Xmas was fun. Mizuki was hella happy with all the stuff she got (I’m glad to see Santa still visits this house, not just my dad eating cookies late at night and —- I mean uh…)

Um… yeah that’s about it for Xmas.

MGS2: Sons of Liberty:
It’s a good game. Plays really cool. Reminds me of the first one, which is THE game that got me interested in the whole video game design thing in the first place. ANYway… the notoriously ridiculous story line is ridiculously ridiculous… in some places. Mainly just the last 20 minutes or so… But its a fucking tight game.

Hehe… those 6 cd’s I bought? They’re cool… but I like don’t listen to em. I’ve just been listening to all the music I dled during songwars and other cool stuff on mp3.
Old Outkast (Sole Sunday, Player’s Ball), QOTSA (Lost Art…), bjork (Aurora, Venus), and Erykah Badu (Bag Lady, Ode to HipHop) make up some of the best mixes of music ever. Seriously.

Can’t wait to get back to SD and kick it with all you crazy ppls!

Anyway… yeah that’s about it. Lots of useless “content” this time eh?

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