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So… as you can see by the timing, my sleeping schedule is fucking off. Nowadays, I only start getting tired around 6-7. I COULD go to sleep before then, but I was busy working on the site/being unproductive. Although nothing’s really changed yet (that image took long enough… I’m still a PS newbie), at least the initiative is there. A couple of new songs are up too… can’t remember if I put up Kid A before, but even if I have, its good enough to go on again. Regarding the other song…

Kill Bill
I saw this movie before break and man… its a good one. I didn’t go in expecting much… probly because the lame title threw me off, but I came out with my moneys worth and more. And even though its only a “part 1″, the way the storyline goes, its pretty self-contained (as will the sequel). If you’d welcome a beat-em-up violent movie, then this is your ticket. But as its a Tarentino film, its done in a way that can only be described as fuckingcool. Definately one of my favorites this year.
Oh… and the music… once again, top tier shit. Other good songs include: Twisted Nerve (whistle while you work), Woo Hoo (J-surf) & Issac Hayes’ Run Fay Run. The rest of the soundtrack has some nice soundbytes, Enka, sfx and TV themes, +.

School is weak. I have no classes registered. I can’t register for the classes I want cuz I’m not an iCam major yet. I’m not even sure if I still wanna be an iCam major. Blah talking about it depresses me… enough of that.

Well its about time for me to get tired now. I wish starbucks was open 24/7…

Oh btw… regarding the Hell test, I actually only got as far as purgatory… for some reason, the T/F questions always = true when I was there on some beta web browser. See? I told you I wasn’t that bad…

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