“Be Really Real Son!”

I get asked to update this a lot. But I don’t really have the time or patience to put out a real post these days…
So I make an excuse by putting the redesign on top of my todo for website list, giving me reason to neglect posting.

I’ll actually do it someday.

In the meantime, I’ll only do posts when I’m procrastinating on hw.

By the by, Imma have 40’s Fridays starting from now on. It doesn’t always have to be on Fridays but it always has to involve fourzeros. Who wants to join me?

postscript: I randomly thought of that Chapelle line for the title. The song was a coincidence

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I'm currently working on everything. INcluding this blog. For the past few hours, I've been keeping some of my typos. In what I write that is.

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