Apple’s Newest Product; iSuck

iPhone won’t send MMS pictures and videos

This being speculation and all, I don’t wanna jump to any conclusions. But not being able to send all the cool, hip pix/vids that you take with your iphone to other phones seems kinda weird. Apple (& ATT) would be missing a great chance to rub iPhone’s absolute coolness into “prolephone” users’ faces.

Yeah there’s an issue with MMS pics and videos being “too lq” (size/conversion issues, etc.) for this, but that shouldn’t be a problem with the almighty iphOneSX right? Who knows it may be a platform. Who knows, it could double as a BttF:2 style hover board.

Haha… I can’t believe I got baited. I hate the iPhone for its Steve-ness’ Mega-Extreme RDF energies.
And I never did plan and getting one in the first place =/

Not hating, just think its another PS3: Don’t care for it, but would feel real smug if I had one.

In other news: I’m doing the cap & gown thing on Sunday. Right? Weird.

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