Musical Apocalypse

Musical Apocalypse

I actually kinda like this Soulja Boy rap. But he needs to do at least 10 more of these to make up for Marco Polo (about that: YOU AIN’T JESUS FOOL).

‘Nuff said. I feel kinda sick.

[via: Cocaine Blunts & Mixtapes]

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3 thoughts on “Musical Apocalypse

  1. Womp, womp this shit sucks too. I’m cool off the buck bucks and blao bloas. But definitely a step in the right direction. Marco Polo. What the fuck.

  2. Yeah… after he throws down his bars, he goes back to the stupid shit. Keyword was “rap”… that other shit is straight garbage. I was gonna make it clearer, but I left it for bait. Gotcha.

    PS: I looked up womp womp. Wow… now I know how to type up my favorite phrase correctly. thx

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