Juice ‘n’ Drink

Shannon links to Dave Chappelle on Juice. That guy is so funny.

Luckily (?) I’m half asian so I got the JUICE that comes in the can (thank god for the commissary). None of that carton shit tho (I always begged my mom for the Donald Duck OJ), that 40 cents a can shit (at least it used to be). But it was always made hella fucking watered down so it would last longer.

Went to college and I had it the way its supposed to be made.

“GOD DAMN THIS IS FUCKIN SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!” Too sweet even. My mom hella brainwashed me. Now I hella water down juice and shit. Thriftyness wins again.

But when I was little little and we were poor poor, I always had the fake kool-aid. Red. It’d always be bed time and I’d say “Can I have some red juice?” My mom cups her hand: “Here you go” =((((((((((((((((((( >=(

And it annoys me that that powered nestea shit is called TEA. Dammmit its drink! nesDRINK.

PS: White people eat cheese. See Boondocks, ep.1

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