Magically Mundane

In life, there are many things. And many of these many things are magical. Whether it is some crazy newly discovered deep ocean species, a newfangled technology that promises to Change Everything, or one man’s triumph against insurmountable odds, it is plain to see that our world still has more wonders than we could ever imagine.

But you don’t need to go to the bottom of the ocean or be a genius or hero to experience such wonders. Look around you! Magic is all around!

What is magic? Well, according to the dictionary, Magic is:

“Used to discribe any food that weed is an ingredient of”

Wait. That’s not what I mean. Damned Urban Dictionary. Lemme try again:

magic (n) (n-adv)

1) with or through skill, cunning, talent, advanced technique, artifice or precice craft and skill
2) with or through complexity either spurios to the contemproary context or to long to be reasonable or desired of explanation
3) with or through the supernatural, praeternatural or quantum-mechanical
4) nor plausible or possible

That’s more like it.

With this series of posts, I will briefly touch upon some of the wondrous things and non-things that we take for granted. Many of these examples would have aroused accusations of sorcery a few centuries (or decades) ago, but today, they are overlooked, and in many cases, do not get the respect they deserve. And while some of these examples may not seem like magic at all due to our familiarity with them, I assure you, it’s magic.

To start off with, I would like to give thanks to the magically mundane fabulosity of Good Friends. You know who you are (or not). I truly do not show my gratitude for having your magic in my life. I resolve to change this, posthaste.

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