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Gone But Not Forgotten

Brown Equals Terrorist

I think on my last blog project (the MovableType one that no one got to see), I had a few posts about how I hated America. This only adds to it.
Man… thinking about the way my country of origin has been acting recently is really depressing. I’m sure that the original founders of this great and free land are rolling in their graves, and not because of the right to view porn on the net.
I’m all for protecting our country against terrorism, but at what cost? (hahaha cliches). The Patriot Act is so fucking WRONG and UNJUST that it’s not even funny.

Kinda OT but…
“But at least we can fly safely now right?”

Well… I listened to this one speech from some guy (search boingboing for homeland security and planes and such), but anyway, this guy basically said that all the $$$ we’re spending on protecting our airways is pretty much a big waste. For example, say we’re in the olden days of castles and kings. The King would be downright stupid if he thinks that he can protect his kingdom by making the strongest gate and drawbridge ever, while leaving the backdoor unprotected and wide open.
The next terrorist attack isn’t gonna be some plane hijacking, they’re gonna do something else, something completely different, something we’ve overlooked.

Like I said before, the “American Way” is going down, one way or another. Hopefully, we will make the change ourselves.

Homeland Security is just doing everything wrong. There are people out there who can help correct this, hopefully those in the position to make these changes can understand this and seek said people out.