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Fox News vs. Blogosphere

Saw this today on the TheirTube:

Fox says Blogs are Biased. Of all the...

Its no “news” that Fox doesn’t like blogs but c’mon… This is ridiculous!

For the most part, blogging is an INDIVIDUAL effort. As such, it goes without saying that there will be some “bias”, or an individual’s point of view. Fox News on the other hand, is an organization, whose creed is “Fair & Balanced”.

Funny, ain’t it? Well not really.

I gotta admit though, its not like their rival, CNN is any better. EVERYONE (you, me, them, bush, world) knows that Fox is biased, and despite their slogan, they aren’t afraid to show their true colors. CNN on the other hand, is still trying to be the “neutral” party. Yeah right.

Suck it, news conglomerates. Hurry up and die (I wish), or at least get with the millenium and evolve (inevitable).