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Fox News vs. Blogosphere

Saw this today on the TheirTube:

Fox says Blogs are Biased. Of all the...

Its no “news” that Fox doesn’t like blogs but c’mon… This is ridiculous!

For the most part, blogging is an INDIVIDUAL effort. As such, it goes without saying that there will be some “bias”, or an individual’s point of view. Fox News on the other hand, is an organization, whose creed is “Fair & Balanced”.

Funny, ain’t it? Well not really.

I gotta admit though, its not like their rival, CNN is any better. EVERYONE (you, me, them, bush, world) knows that Fox is biased, and despite their slogan, they aren’t afraid to show their true colors. CNN on the other hand, is still trying to be the “neutral” party. Yeah right.

Suck it, news conglomerates. Hurry up and die (I wish), or at least get with the millenium and evolve (inevitable).

To all TeleVision Watchers, FYI: In 2 years, the government will kill your television.

Old TV Warning

In 2 years, the government will kill your television.

“Here’s a coupon,” they say.

How much will this cost me? I got bills to pay, mouths to feed,” we ask.

“Go away. I’ll tell you later during the ‘transition period’,” they say.


“Our job is not yet done. All industries involved in this transition have a responsibility to educate consumers about this exciting new era in television. CEA will continue our award-winning efforts to meet this responsibility and we look forward to working with our industry and government partners to develop and implement educational programs.” ~ Consumer Electronics Association President, Gary Shapiro

(IOW: Its not our problem, but please pat us on the back for already upgrading our own tvs to 50″ plasmas, and telling our friends).


I’m right here chillin’ at Fernando’s once again. It’s his b-day; he’s 20 years old. Wish him a happy b-day!

Anyway, a lotta shit has changed since I put this site up and left it to stagnate.

For those not in the know, I live in Rancho Penasquitos now, 20 minutes from school. It may be a far drive (but not as far as you think, it’s like 6 min from Ferny’s), but damn is it worth it.


Its a nice 2-story deal that houses Melanie Natividad, Susie Parras, Tidiane Diallo, Arash Haile, myself, and Ken xxx.

A lotta ya’ll may know the first 4 people, but dunno who Ken is.
Ken is another story.

With all those people, there’s still room to spare too!

But yeah, we got the hook up with an in-house studio courtesy of Arash, a jacuzzi (indoors even), a weight room (soon to be converted to THE SPOT), and get this, a patio with a canyon view. Sunsets are amazing each and every day. Hell, it even came with a couple of couches, a fridge, washer/dryer and (possiblymaybe) a big screen tv.

But that’s just the house in general. Head upstairs and to the right and you got my room. Lemme just say that the BATHROOM is bigger than the room I was living at in Mira Mesa. And I got a patio and a tub. NICE.

But enough about the house. I’m sure everyone who knew about it are tired of the “Mennonite Mansion Mob” goin on and on about it.

Call me up and come vist though!

Speaking of which, my phone hella broke on me. Everything worked EXCEPT the menu button. For those of you with Nokias, its the one that you push to unlock your phone, go into the menu, check missed calls and messages, etc etc. Basically, my phone became 50% disfunctional because of one little button. Which brings me to my pont. I gotta new one, but since that button doesn’t work, I can’t see a lotta the #’s I had on it. I would suppose you all know the drill…

Let’s see what else has changed…

Oh, I’m officially single again. Yeah, even though me and Adry “broke up” back when school ended, we pretty much hung exclusively with each other. Bridge comes and goes though, and Adry finds herself diggin YA black/island boy again, hahaha. I’ve yet to meet David, but the fool’s gotta be cool.

So expect a return of the “blah blah blah i wanna girl” type posts that I mocked round this time last year.

Stuff 2 Talk about Next Time

Oh, Some things don’t change though: I’m still undeclared.

Summer Bridge

So it turns out that I was reading that last post… and was like… naw I don’t wanna talk about that. That’s why I haven’t been posting for awhile. Well that and all the bridge stuff I’ve been doing recently. Right now, I’m staying at the man Fernando’s pad (with mates Maurice, Ron, Kris Tan and Bill). Damn am I jealous. Well, it pretty much looks like Jason Tjalsma’s house (or any other 70’s looking house), except that there’s 3 rooms in the downstairs hallway, and upstairs there’s a big ass living room. Super comfy and it don’t look too ghetto, even if its only a few blocks away. Congrats.

So anyway the SB o4 process has begun; I am now officially a Academic Transition Counselor. How does it feel? ehhhhh… I’m not too excited about it. Once this saturday rolls round tho and I see my kids I’m sure that’ll all change.

I came back to SD last tuesday, stayed the night at Adry’s and went off to the Julian retreat the next day. As usual, it was intense/long/sleepless/crazy, an overall good experience. Since then, I’ve been staying at Fernie’s and been having some good times there. 1st night was 2 40’s, and the rest is history. We kicked it on saturday with the SoCo, Jager and Cap. Mo. And last night was an Adult Swim Comedy block. NOW THAT I’VE SEEN THAT SHIT ON TV, THAT IS THE SHIZNITE!!! haha, but I got all those fools hooked on Birdman, Brak & Sealab. More followers to the TV cult that is adult swim.

Anyway, I’m bored and the keyboard at M.O.M. sucks so imma head out. Pa-icky.

Don’t Fear The Reaper

pancheetos’s Xanga Site

Apparently that was the song that was on that site previously. Probly the 440 version. Maybe the OG. I dunno. It’s a decent song I suppose. It got me into 440, it got me into buying “Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply”, which I listened to like 3 times before it was STOLEN BY MUTHERFUCKERS.

But anyway.

I’m really bored. I’ve been home for quite some time now, and haven’t done anything. I never knew summer was so short when you weren’t having fun. I’ll do better tho, I promise.

oh yeah, that’s “Frankie’s” blog. He’s a cool self-proclaimed beaner fatass. I don’t think so. I would proclaim him a cool guy. But anyway, he actually writes posts that are readable, and not just random blurbs that make sense to noone but the writer (WHO DOES THAT I DON’T KNOW WHO COULD IT BE?!!?!?!). I respect that.

So anyway, Summer Bridge is in like less than a month now. I still don’t have a place to live, and etc etc. I really wish summer was longer, and I was more productive.

Yesterday I went to the mall. Guess who I saw? You’ll be appalled! It was Ryan Rucker, the notorious Nose Burglar! He triple jumps 46’1″. That is really far for those not in the know. It seems that the triple jumpers at Wood only get better and better each year. I wonder if he took up an aprentice, and if he will 1-Up everyone, much like Bobby Mosier did to myself.

Today I saw Aaron Ray at the Baseball field. It was cool. I went there to see fireworks. They were ok, nothing too spectacular. Other than that, I didn’t do anything today of note. Oh maybe I went to the eye doctor. Oh no, that was yesterday as well. He did hella more tests than usual, and when he washed his hands to take my contacts out (why don’t they ever let you do it yourself?), he still had soap on his hands and it stung. Then he put some yellow eyedrop things in my eye for the pressure or something. Those turned my temporary one day contacts he gave me yellow as well.

That is what I did.

Oh yeah, last night I stayed up all night researching and then making an impulse buy of a 1Gig flash card for my GBA. Set me back like 200 or something I think. I also paid my phone bill (at least I might have, the site said i didn’t, then said i did, then kept on giving me errors. WTF ATT). A couple days ago I went to Todai’s in Concord with mizuki, mom and her friend Mieko. It was alright, nothing too special. Mizuki had eggshell in her fried rice, and the melon sucked (remarkably though, it tasted more like melon and squirting lemon on it, though it also tasted more like lemon). I’ve never noticed how similar lemon or melon were as words, namely cuz I never wrote them in the same sentence, or cared. I had some sushi (for the 1st time ever), some ramen with cilantro in it (yuk), some other stuff too. To the McCall’s chagrin, as soon as we were seated, Mieko gave the waitress her c.card to pay for it all, AND get my dad something too. FUCKER. My mom was still pissed about it when we got back home.

I woke my sister up just now to take her to bed. She then mumbled something about the “big sentence”. “Big sentence?” I asked. “The biggest sentence EVER… mumble…mumble…fireworks…downstairs.”

“Ok, let’s go downstairs to meet the big sentence.”

So anyway. At the end of the journey (in which Mizuki amused Mieko-san by looking through the space between the car chair and headrest and saying she was on “TV”), we dropped Mieko-san off at her car. She then gave the chauffer (me) $20. I was like, “OH FUCK NO” and quickly gave it to my mom, who was already trying to give her the cash for the meal. Mieko saw through my mom’s ploy and preemptively dashed into her car and closed and locked all the doors. DAMNIT. We were foiled by this fiend who paid for us and shit. I love being Japanese (I feel so guilty about receiving the 20spot, but didn’t think twice to use it for gas yesterday).

This post is pretty random, and not a joy to read, I know. I’m just to lazy to try/care. Besides, it’s not like this thing is even online yet.

Speaking of which. Fucking .mac service doesn’t let you use scripts. Only pure html. Fucking useless. I thought I was made in the shade, but now I’m unmade, in the sun. Or something.

Remember that hydrolic penises are unethical & cya when I cya.