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Transmit is on Sale for $17 (50% off)


Panic’s Transmit is the best FTP app for OSX, by far.

While the new kid on the block, Forklift (which I also own) may have a bit faster transfers & more (admittedly great) features, Transmit makes up for it in overall ease of use, and most importantly, reliability of transfers. I’ve had Forklift repeatedly botch transfers with some SFTP servers, which is unacceptable for a file transfer type of app.

Plus, Panic is a wonderful Mac developer (e.g. Transmit is Applescript-able, Forklift is not) that I’m glad to support. You can buy it from the App Store, or directly through Panic’s site.

PS: If a paid FTP client isn’t your thing though, Cyberduck is nimble & free. [via]

Deadliest Finger

Fist of the nvALT Star

You wa SHOCK

Like many Mac Geeks who live in plaintext, Brett Terpstra’s nvALT has probably become my most used app outside of a browser & finder; It’s become my bread and butter for storing notes, and I rely on the usually rock-solid combo of nvALT-markdown-dropbox combo for just about everything I do.

You never want to see Red text in an update window…

You never want to see Red text in an update window…

Yet a few months ago, I would search for a frequently edited note, and find that it had vanished, deleted from dropbox completely without my knowledge. This was a problem1; While not one I could fix myself, I could at least do some damage control. Continue reading

Kinkless Mentalcase

I love Keanu in that flick

Yeah I tried Mental Case out and um… low blow but I think you’d have to be a “Mental Case” to seriously consider it for a storage medium. Despite what the newest Mac GTD wunderkind might say, its a little too clumsy for my tastes. It sure looks real pretty, but the entry interface is a little clunky for a simple flashcard setup. While the screen capture function is a nice touch, using it instead of copy/paste loses out on the semantic value of plain text. Sure its good for remembering a few facts or random people names, but I don’t think that the software is flexible enough for a student to use in place of flashcard memorization.

Some people in the comments suggested Studycard Studio and Mindburn. I’m skeptical, but I might give them a chance some day. Right now, I’m trying to avoid tinkering with too much mac software, and focus more on PSAI: Photoshop and (Adobe) Illustrator.

But just look at the chesire grin on the #990000 suitcase. As José would say: “It’s kind ovva kooky, kind ovva creepy!”.

What a crazy icon!