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Kowtow Calculations

YA example of awesomeness of Japaneseness

Just think. These crazy geometric bow calculations are pre-programmed into all Japanese people {{1}}. [[1]]It’s all firmware man.[[1]] There was no thinking “Oh I messed up. I should bow… 20º lower.” Homeboy just innately knew…”bow this far… BUT NOT TOO FAR”.

The stereotypical Asian wisdom is true: “Don’t Think. Feel.” {{2}}

Denki Groove – Edisonden

[[2]]Of course it was none other than the Little Dragon who said this. No, he is not Japanese. No, Asians are not all the same, but Yes, I am milking a popular meme for all its worth.

Also: If you haven’t seen these Lee flash animations, you’re hella missing out. They’re old school (I saw em back in HS), and in Korean, but the simplicity of it all truly captures the elegance of Lee’s artwork.[[2]]