My fone tops AJ’s, Ed tops Justin

CDNow: Amnesiac – Radiohead

fuck the past. here’s the rest of the shit, only if its important.

AJ’s fone is broke, it hella started smoking so I heard. Call her up and listen to the Voice Message thing.
Kaia was playing Jenga by herself. The thing fell. John said, “haha you’re playing w/ yourself and lost! hahaha”

Ed & Justin went to their CAT class and actually stayed up for the whole thing a few weeks ago. A few days later I did that too.

PIW got hella drunk and was throwin up ALL the fuck over. We all tried to get him to run around naked outside too, but he didn’t =(
I stole his wallet, but nothing cool was in it (NOT THAT I’D TAKE ANYTHING OF COURSE!)

One day, Justin busted in on me n Adry all making out in the room. Haha good times…

That should take care of all that crap… time to focus on the present… and the future…

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