I’m right here chillin’ at Fernando’s once again. It’s his b-day; he’s 20 years old. Wish him a happy b-day!

Anyway, a lotta shit has changed since I put this site up and left it to stagnate.

For those not in the know, I live in Rancho Penasquitos now, 20 minutes from school. It may be a far drive (but not as far as you think, it’s like 6 min from Ferny’s), but damn is it worth it.


Its a nice 2-story deal that houses Melanie Natividad, Susie Parras, Tidiane Diallo, Arash Haile, myself, and Ken xxx.

A lotta ya’ll may know the first 4 people, but dunno who Ken is.
Ken is another story.

With all those people, there’s still room to spare too!

But yeah, we got the hook up with an in-house studio courtesy of Arash, a jacuzzi (indoors even), a weight room (soon to be converted to THE SPOT), and get this, a patio with a canyon view. Sunsets are amazing each and every day. Hell, it even came with a couple of couches, a fridge, washer/dryer and (possiblymaybe) a big screen tv.

But that’s just the house in general. Head upstairs and to the right and you got my room. Lemme just say that the BATHROOM is bigger than the room I was living at in Mira Mesa. And I got a patio and a tub. NICE.

But enough about the house. I’m sure everyone who knew about it are tired of the “Mennonite Mansion Mob” goin on and on about it.

Call me up and come vist though!

Speaking of which, my phone hella broke on me. Everything worked EXCEPT the menu button. For those of you with Nokias, its the one that you push to unlock your phone, go into the menu, check missed calls and messages, etc etc. Basically, my phone became 50% disfunctional because of one little button. Which brings me to my pont. I gotta new one, but since that button doesn’t work, I can’t see a lotta the #’s I had on it. I would suppose you all know the drill…

Let’s see what else has changed…

Oh, I’m officially single again. Yeah, even though me and Adry “broke up” back when school ended, we pretty much hung exclusively with each other. Bridge comes and goes though, and Adry finds herself diggin YA black/island boy again, hahaha. I’ve yet to meet David, but the fool’s gotta be cool.

So expect a return of the “blah blah blah i wanna girl” type posts that I mocked round this time last year.

Stuff 2 Talk about Next Time

Oh, Some things don’t change though: I’m still undeclared.

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