Obligatory Post

So… I’ve left the site in the dust again.

I’ve been rather busy. I was gonna reboot, but fate had its way with me.

Anyway, nothing’s new. I just feel more ‘emo’ than ever. Which is another reason I haven’t been posting. I don’t wanna whine about my so-called “despair” (yeah… some people call it that), my privaleged life is just fine thank you very much.

No love from anyone, even my GF (powerbook). I hate lower ram slot failure (see sidebar). And my Dragons (500gb external HD) is coughing up its organs… how am I gonna back up over a 100 gigs of music. Let alone a 100 gigs of video. And then the 100 gigs of random other stuff. *SIGH*

I’ve been listening to the Akira soundtrack a lot recently… here you go. At one point I was listening to the chants non-stop the whole day.

Now though, its this song from Champloo. Just what I need.
I haven’t played my favorite Silent Hill song yet… I wrote it on my arm to remind me… but I don’t hafta play it quite yet.


I need to go bowling.

EDIT: I dunno why the 2nd Akira song (Kaneda) sounds all crazy in the mini-player… it works if you just click the link.  Makes for some interesting ambiance though.

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