Hakken = Europe’s Weird Answer to the Hyphy Movement

Hakken = Europe’s Weird Answer to the Hyphy Movement

Speaking of which, I suppose this is the German version of the musical slap in the face that is “Totally Dude” (Sorry, I rep da 707 so I can’t diss my own ppl’s music):

“i seriously hope those kids are drugged out of their minds” ~Perdici0n

Called “Hakken“, it looks like Techno-Russian DDR to me. Really though, you have got to be kidding me. Pop. Lock. Drop it SEIZURE.

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More Amateurs:

The kid in front exemplifies how stupid this looks done badly. Note the “Beethoven” classical choir at the end. How… GERMAN.


Oh… I see what this is supposed to be now. This isn’t an example of white people doing stupid white people stuff, its actually white people doing old white people stuff:

Stealing from colored folks:

Also note that the first vid samples Ice Cube’s “Down For Whatever” (a sample in itself of Eternal’s “Power of a Woman”)

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