I have 36 “Draft” posts. Some are from years ago. A lot of em aren’t even worth posting about because the context has passed on.

I have a hard time finishing things.

That’s an understatement.

I actively try to leave things as unfinished as possible.

I have a slew of lists of things that are unfinished and could type em all out right now. But that’s not too productive. I keep on carrying that baggage; it’s always on my mind (and on my OmniFocus todo list) forever.

I’ve stopped living, I’m only experiencing. Level Grinding. Except I’m fighting monsters that were strong 2 chapters ago; the XP I get from them is not worth the time it takes for me to select “Fight, Attack” over and over again.

No more.

I’m no longer a scratch pad — I’m a canvas. Paint, paint paint paint paint. The research is done. I know more than needs to be known.

It’s time to lead the prayer.

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I'm currently working on everything. INcluding this blog. For the past few hours, I've been keeping some of my typos. In what I write that is.

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